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Rusty Hearts is a Free to Play beat-em-up Action MMORPG that mixes classic arcade action with modern MMO character progression and awesome cell-shaded anime style.

Total Rating: 8.60
Reviews: 20

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Rusty Hearts Forum

Review Archive

Post Date: 09:06 01-02-2015
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: Rusty Hearts is a free to play MMORPG with a manga style graphic that I really like. The game play is cool to and you got many different characters to pick. Sound is great, and cool sound effects. I rate the game with the note 8/10!

Post Date: 20:43 25-03-2014
Rating: 5
Author: bos4kCRO
Comment: Nice game,rly nice graphics very fun :) like it! a lot

Post Date: 13:42 24-03-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is awesome to say the least the graphics are super high detailed there is tons of dungeons and classes and the graphics are anime style also there are alot of dungeons which are all highly detailed and super fun and just about every dungeon has a boss which you can defeat by teaming with your friends and using a little team work

Post Date: 00:11 29-09-2012
Rating: 7
Author: AnimePhreak
Comment: The game's graphics isn't bad. The story line is good and how the playable characters are connected to each other and will pop up at some point of the game. They're are many dungeons. Although you can't create your own character you still can customize them by either buying the accessories. The PvP ain't that great because you don't see many people playing it. But I still like the game because each characters have a specific type of weapons

Post Date: 13:39 08-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Rusty Hearts, a game that you don't wanna stop playing. To be honest, this game wasn't really that fun in the beginning. But once I started to understand everything it got very addictive. The graphics isn't something you can complain about. Even though they aren't the best they are still pretty good. There's some things that you have to learn by yourself though that I think should be included in a tutorial, since it can be hard for beginners. Otherwise it's a great game that you just gotta try ^^

Post Date: 16:49 10-06-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Jhedrick17
Comment: Rusty Hearts is a very fun game. The graphics are good and they even have good scenarios for dungeons. The only thing I dont like about is it that the original characters are easily countered by premium ones meaning that if you wanna experience the true meaning of power in this game you have to pay which some players like me cant do

Post Date: 02:18 28-02-2012
Rating: 10
Author: rckettrust
Comment: RH for the win over SWTOR.

Post Date: 16:36 31-12-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Noche
Comment: So, now that the game has been in OBT for a while, I thought I'd put in another few words. Well. Maybe not just a few...

Here we go. Bring popcorn, this is gonna be long.

Rusty Hearts is set in Bramunez, a post-medieval, Gothic village nestled in the shadow of a massive castle. Several hundred years before, a vampire lord by the name of Vlad (could have been more original there, I admit) started wreaking havoc and pretty much scaring the crap out of everyone around.

Fast forward to the present. A detachment of the military called the Golden Seal Team has been dispatched to Bramunez to finally do away with Vlad. Along with the soldiers come a half-vampire angsty swordsman named Frantz and a spastic, fireball-chucking mage kid named Angela. These two are tasked with actually tracking down and killing Vlad, as their unique talents put them far above the status of the rest of the team. And so the game begins.

You choose your starting character and play through a tutorial. Simple enough. Each class plays so differently from the others that I'd definitely recommend trying each one out before you go and make a decision. Here's a brief rundown:

- Frantz is pretty much your all-around powerful melee character. He has a variety of short and long-ranged attacks, including ones that go off instantly and others that have to charge up for max power. Later you can choose to switch your weapon to a giant axe.

- Angela is your typical mage. She, too, can fight at pretty much any distance, but she's heavily based toward long-range harassment. Her moves range from fireballs to a tornado that traps enemies in one small place so a Frantz or a Tude can smash them all into oblivion. Good stuff. Later you can choose to wield a magical scythe.

- Tude is built almost exclusively for short-ranged combat, although he does have a couple of hilarious long-ranged moves (including a flying belly flop that hurls him halfway across the screen into a pack of monsters, smashing up the floor where he lands). He's also the fastest class to date (with the exception of maybe Meilin). And, for the most part, he's the party's damage sink. The guy is literally a tank if you build him up right. Later you can switch your weapon to a giant wolf claw (shown in the screenshot).

- Natasha is the party's gunner. She, like Angela, is made for long-range combat, but does have a few short-ranged attacks. She can drop rocket launchers in the room's gate, sending projectiles at monsters while still pegging them with the rest of the stuff in her arsenal. She adds a sort of third-person shooter aspect to the game. Later you can choose to wield a musket.

- Meilin: See Tude. Add a dress. Voila.

What's nice, though, is you can have up to sixteen separate characters at once (20 if you count Meilin, who, unfortunately, is a cash-only character). So, you can make a character of each class simultaneously and try them all at your leisure.

RH consists of many dungeons, each representing a part of Curtis Castle and the surrounding areas. Basically, the object of the game is to kill everything, kill everything fast, kill everything efficiently, and, oh, did I mention, kill everything?

Upon entering the dungeon, you are beset by hordes of everything from skeletons to bomb-hurling mutants to zombie mad scientists. You can use anything in your repertoire to destroy them all--but you had better do it fast and without letting them touch you. Why? At the end of the dungeon you are graded on a scale of SSS all the way down to F, and this determines the amount of experience you get from that run. The grade is based off of the number of monsters you kill, how long it takes you to finish the dungeon, your "style" points (basically, how flashy were you while killing everything in sight?), and how many times you were hit.

And here's a quick run of an entry-level dungeon by my ridiculously overleveled Tude.

Side note: There are frequent events in the RH community--with shiny prizes, from in-game items to actual gaming equipment--that often include time trials on mid-level dungeons. So, there's another incentive to be fast about things.

As the game progresses, you unlock more complex dungeons and get to explore more of the castle. The game definitely gets deeper the longer you play, and I've never been bored to date.

I have to say, I didn't have very high expectations for the RH PvP system at first, it being a dungeon crawler and all (plus half of Tude's best skills didn't work in the arena. Boo.). But once I actually got into it, I realized how well-thought-out the entire thing is. There are various modes of PvP combat. For example, one of the modes is a tag-team system where there are two teams and it's a sort of King of the Hill setup where the object is to knock off all of the other team's players. There are also team brawls and free-for-alls. (See that? I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. ...Sorry. I've been here caffeinating for a really, really long time. Forgive me.)

So, yeah, PvP is good fun, especially if you're brawling with guildies or happen to get into a good room with serious players and not jump-spamming Angela trolls. You can't participate in PvP until you reach a certain level--purely because you'd get completely destroyed as a sub-10 character. Lower levels simply don't have the HP and skillset yet. But rest assured, leveling goes very quickly in the early game, so you'll be at the PvP threshold in no time at all.

And now for something completely different.


One of RH's biggest selling points is the supposed astronomically-mega-huge-massive-unbelievably-epic variety of items.

That's not entirely true in terms of the number of items, but in terms of the variety of stats and bonuses between items, oh, yes, there's ridiculous variety. Sure, there is a pretty sweet range of gear to choose from, but it's the variations between items of the same name that really makes this item system so good.

Each item is ranked twice: first on a scale from Normal > Magic > Rare > Unique > Epic, with each category assigned a specific color in your inventory so you can identify the good items from the not-so-good ones at a glance.

Then, within each item (say, the Mage's Vex-Servant unique weapon) there are 5 "ranks," with 5 being the lowest and 1 being the highest. So, for example, a Rank 1 Vex-Servant will have better stats than a Rank 5 Vex-Servant, although they are technically the same item.

However. There is even more variety even between items of the same rank. Random buffs and special abilities are applied to many items, too, such as the potential to cast Confusion and Bleed or a HP/MP buff. Stats are randomized, so even if you take two Rank 3 unique Mage's Vex-Servants they will still be different. Rank often determines the number and strength of buffs, though.

What I'm getting at is although there isn't as large of a variety of named items as the staff makes it sound, the immense variety between items of the same name more than makes up for that. Often, your items will be totally unique from any others in the game.

And, what the hey, I guess I'll touch on a couple more pros.

- The Auction House - you can put up old or unusable equipment for sale and make a ton of cash quickly, or buy items that you otherwise wouldn't be able to find easily.

- The music. You never realize how important music is to a game until you play a game with awful music. Take, for example, BlazBlue CS. Hands down, no contest, that game has the best soundtrack I've heard. But I only noticed how great it was until I played through a couple games with terrible soundtracks. RH is kind of the same way. Its music is quite good, from the selection screen's mellow piano to the violins in Library 1F (that has to be my favorite piece in the game) to the funky-jungle stuff in the Vivarium. For a MMO, this game has some nice music.

- Cutscenes - There are some nice animated cutscenes, complete with voice acting. Some are quite funny, from Betty accidentally dropping a bookcase on himself (yes, himself...) to Angela getting flung above the roofs of Bramunez thanks to a voodoo doll.

9/10 (slightly down from my previous review), but if there was a 9.5 option on the scale I'd definitely give it that. It's not quite finished and there are some minor flaws; however, those are far outweighed by everything else that's positive about the game. Also, replay value is great.

Post Date: 00:53 11-10-2011
Rating: 9
Author: funnygamer
Comment: Rusty Hearts is a very good game if you like games where you beat up and combo mobs. It's a very unique MMORPG and a good break from all the other similar MMOs.

The game is pretty spectacular. The graphics of the game is quite decent. It's somewhat between realistic and cartoonish, but it's still pretty nice.

The characters are not only gender-locked, they are also not customizable, especially at the start. I'm not really bothered by this because I don't really care much about how my character looks, or if I look exactly the same as many other people. Besides, the lack of customization is justified by a distinct story. It's like playing a real RPG where you have a real character following a real story. I'd definitely choose that over highly customizable characters with no particular story.

In relation to this, since you have particular characters, they have back stories, personalities, and attitudes. They really talk with the NPCs. Compare that to a created character who is like a generic adventurer/hero, travelling and doing errands for people. Your character doesn't have its own personality. It doesn't even talk or interact with the NPCs. Characters in Rusty Hearts, therefore, are more dynamic and interesting. If you feel attached with Squall, Cloud, Ryu, Valkyrie, and many other characters in the RPGs that you played in the consoles, you will feel the same way here.

The story telling of this game is also amazing. In the MMORPG genre, it is very rare for developers to focus on the story. In Rusty Hearts, they did it very well. The story is so compelling, it adds to the addicting factor of the game. Coming from someone who isn't a fan of dark, gothic theme, that really says a lot.

Another good thing about this game is its combat. If you are tired with the usual point-and-click, then this is a game for you. Also, if you think that Dragon Nest is fast-paced, Rusty Hearts is even more fast-paced. Combos and cooldowns in this game are faster. The boss fights here will also remind you of other action games that you played in consoles where you just don't go out and bash the opponent. You evade, predict the moves of the opponent, and prepare a counter attack. There are also boss fights where you need to interact with the environment, to effectively kill the boss. If you're up for this kind of combat, then Rusty Hearts will be able to provide that good experience.

There are downsides, however, which is why I didn't give a 10. The first is the user interface. The interface is not as friendly as in other, more polished UI's. Sometimes, you have to manually fix the positions of the menu. Camera is also an issue when in battle. I'm not sure if the camera, being held at just one perspective, is a good thing. It gets tedious when you can't see the opponent on one side just because you can't move the camera around, or it doesn't follow a convenient perspective. Another thing is that the dialogue box sometimes automatically proceeds even if I'm not pressing anything. It's fine if there's enough time for you to read everything, but sometimes, it's quite fast. My last complaint about the game is the tutorial. For the combat, it gives a pretty basic but decent tutorial. But in many other aspects of the game, you have to learn it on your own. This may not be a good thing to relatively new players or those with low learning curves.

Overall, even if I have several in my list of downsides, all of them are relatively minor, and more on the technical aspects of the game. This game deserves a 9 from me for giving emphasis on the important aspects of the genre like combat, story, and immersion.

Post Date: 19:04 01-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Noche
Comment: I'm extremely hard to please when it comes to MMOs, and I have to say, this one really impressed me.

For a free game, the graphics are spectacular, especially the attack animations. Also, the new voice-acting additions look to be quite promising--the game is only in beta, yet aesthetically it feels like a polished final edition. The fantastic variety of dungeons, BG music, and monsters shows just how much work PWE put into the game visually and soundwise...and there's much more to come.

The gameplay itself is literally the most addicting I've ever experienced. Combat is extremely fast-paced and never, ever boring. Such mechanics as the Just Guard (which allows you to slam your opponent with a massive counterattack if you block an instant before an attack hits) and grab invincibility frames add interesting facets to even the craziest party brawls.

I can't write about this game without at least touching on the boss fights. Every boss is completely unique, from the Lobster King (which you have to pull levers and freeze strategically) to the horseman in the Labyrinth (which shoots lightning at you and runs you over if your reactions are slow). And then of course there's Fluffy. Oh, Fluffy...

The non-combat mechanics are all very well developed. The game's plot is actually very good, and you experience it much like a visual novel. All of the main characters are well-developed too. I already mentioned the voice-acting. I'm not totally in agreement with the interpretations of a couple characters' voices, but the actors are pretty good and it's nice not having to read a wall of text during cutscenes like in closed beta.

On another topic, there are quite well-established guild and crafting systems. Once you progress past a certain point and begin picking up costume designs, the character customization is huge (though, at the beginning of the game there isn't much, so you generally see a lot of clones running around). There is a very detailed weapon/armor classification system in which every item is given a class (Normal, Unique, and Epic among them) and within that class, a rank from 1 to 5. So, the sword you're holding may be far stronger than that of the player next to you, even though the swords have the same name. It certainly keeps equipping your character interesting. Also, instead of finding gear dropped by monsters, you can also craft your own from raw materials lying around. Finally, if you clear Air Stadium, you obtain Riddle Boxes (consumables that have a chance of giving you an extremely rare and powerful item when used).

And finally, PvP. There are many different combat modes to choose from, including massive every-man-for-himself brawls to tag-team one-on-one matches. You can only enter PvP after a certain level, but honestly, below that margin you wouldn't stand a chance anyway. It's crazy but a lot of fun--after all, who doesn't enjoy mashing the crap out of other players? There are different arenas for different skill levels/ranks, too, so you always have a chance to win, no matter how new you are.

That's basically it, I think. If I had reviewed this game in CBT it'd be a 9 for sure, since there were many issues that took forever to be solved, but now that it's in OBT all bugs and problems are being fixed quite quickly. 10/10 for originality, addictiveness, depth, plot, and PvP. Give it a try.

Post Date: 01:13 01-10-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: Why not? Do you have an actual reason why you don't like it? IMO Rusty Hearts continues to get better in open beta. Everything loads faster and I am see more players on my server. Big thumbs up!

Post Date: 20:58 25-09-2011
Rating: 5
Author: bogdan112
Comment: i dont like this game

Post Date: 13:58 07-08-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Supernatural
Comment: Rusty Hearts is the new Perfect World entertainment Hack and Slash arcade MMO :)
As expected from PW, the game is high quality and it set a new record in number of players playing the CTB for any PW game so far.
As soon as you enter the game you see 4 main playable characters from which you can chose the one you like the most and start your epic journey trough RH dungeons!

The characters are:
Franz: Vampire who fights in close range, some sort of a tank.
Angela: Melee character with long range spells and abilities, carries a huge scythe and she look really cool :)
Tude: Rouge characters fight's in close range and has very high dps.
Natasha: She isn't yet available in closed beta, she will probably be in Open Beta testing, but she is a long range characters and she is a gunner :)

From the moment you start playing you follow the main story of the character you have chosen. All characters found them self in a huge mansion chased by a monster. At the moment they get attacked by unknown woman, the story break's and returns players to 5 days earlier scene where they start off their journey.

Funny think about the game is that in combat you don't use a mouse, only keyboard. The spells hot-keys are from A to H and your main attack is X. This is the main arcade feature and people with nice game pads will enjoy this game even more :)

Combat is very fun and you move all the time which makes the game really interesting and time passes by insanely fast :)

The PVE part of the game is divided in missions. Every part of dungeon is 1 mission and you can try it out on several difficulties. Normal, if you want to solo the mission. Hard, if you have a friend next to you. Very hard, for more then 2 people, and Bloody mode with is insanely hard :)

In the last mission in every dungeon there is a huge boss which can't be killed in the regular way. Players use the environment to take it down, which is very unusual and makes the game even better. But it can be really tricky when you are doing it for the first time :)

Quests follow all these missions and require every one of it done in all difficulties, which is fun because on every new try mission is different and something new happens.

The thing players don't like in the game is stamina, which allows you only certain amount of experience per day. So basically you only get few levels per day which is pain in the later levels and i think PW will remove it.

Another problem is that all players look the same on starting levels which isn't the best feature, also they get the same items from quests so their look stays the same for long time. That's why PW put the costume feature where players can change the look of their regular clothes with costume items, which is really cool, but those items are really hard to make :)

Graphic are great but they have kinda "arcadish" look which takes us back into good old times where these games were really popular, which I think is really cool and makes this game really unique and good.

Overall, Rusty Hearts is one of the best games this year, and certainly one of the most unique ever. Players shown the great interest in game and i bet every1 who played the CBT will be playing the full release also, from which we all now have huge expectations :)

I rated the game with nine, because there is still room for improvements.

Post Date: 07:20 31-07-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: Very unique MMO imo. Rusty Hearts has already became PWE's most successful successful closed beta game yet! I would have thought PW or FW would have been more popular...The heavy action can be addictive while the grades for performances add to replay value.

Post Date: 07:48 30-07-2011
Rating: 10
Author: logen9
Comment: I played for 2 hours so far. I must say that I prefer the action over other mmos. The game is already crowded and PvP looks to be a challenge. So far I am playing all the instances on hard.

Post Date: 08:13 15-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: Rusty hearts is an epic game! Perfect world are yet to suprise me with there games!

Post Date: 09:34 14-06-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Steelcraft
Comment: A great game overall, but the gameplay can get boring after a while!

Post Date: 16:04 07-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: mmowiz
Comment: pwe has a stellar track record. so far, rusty hearts looks amazing. i can't wait to play when beta starts

Post Date: 16:47 05-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: kiroxhoshi
Comment: this game looks like it will be a real crowd pleasure just by looking at it

Post Date: 05:51 02-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Roadie
Comment: I want a beta key so I can play when beta starts. I am psched about another MMO from PWE.

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