Sanctioned Renegades

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The game features state of the art graphics inside a fully destructible 3D world, with an array of semi-realistic weapons (including rifles, scopes, grenades and rocket-launchers) as well as the next generation of browser-based technology targeted towards modern PC and Mac computers.

Total Rating: 7.50
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 19:49 02-12-2014
Rating: 7
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Sanctioned Renegades is 3D browser based FPS game. Game features 10 different weapons unlockable by scoring kills and fully destructible environment. It can be played by 10 players at one time, it's easy and fun game to play so i rate it 7/10.

Post Date: 20:58 05-08-2010
Rating: 8
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: I can't actually play this, because the 'Unity Web Player' crashed on me. However, it looks like it will be a game that I won't even be able to play, seeing as it has 'fully destructible 3D environments', and pretty good graphics. (My PC sucks)

I will say this game looks to be a great FPS, with good gameplay and graphics. While the destructible world is nothing new, it will be a fresh breath of air in a sea of shoddy second-hand shovelware FPSs.

The fact that it will be browser based is good as well, but I do question whether having such good graphics will be good for a browser based game, which in the mind leads you to think of low specs, low download size. Certainly, the Unity Web Player took no time to download, but the fact that it crashed on me does give me worries that this game may not be suited for such a low level platform. Still, it's still in beta, and the video looks great. If anyone manages to run it, make a review of it here so that people will know.

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