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A free, turn based, massive multiplayer game, Starpires combines many elements of traditional strategy games with social features to create an engaging game play experience for both hard core and casual gamers. Players build their galactic empire, build military forces and do battle with each other through a variety of attacks and covert operations as they move up the player rankings to become ruler of the known galaxy.

Total Rating: 10.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 05:52 21-02-2013
Rating: 10
Author: Dracungon
Comment: Starpires is a spectacular game. The best part about it is it's free to play and unlike alot of those "Free" games people who pay dont rule it, sure if you donate you get alot of awesome stuff which can help but it's still anyones game which i feel is fantastic! credit-card kids with no sence of strategy or skill dont rule this domain my friends.

Ontop of that The devolper is independant so it's not all about his bottom line, he just wants to make a fun game that people can enjoy and remember forever, i started playing almost a year ago when i accidently deleted my account which would normally make me not want to play.. but IT'S SO ADDICTING. You get a turn every hour and no matter how high on the rankings you get you still get a turn every hour. not like battle pirates where you have to wait 3 days to build a ship at one point or another, in starpires there is allways time to conquer a new foe or make a new ally to help you in the battle for the top spots! Dont wanna fight players? thats fine kill space pirates!!!!! Ontop of all this amazing stuff say you get knocked down in the rankings? no big deal man your technology levels stay the same making it easier for you to shake the dust off and get right back into the fight.

All in all i've got to say that starpires is one of the best browser games i've played since the lands of sorren about 10 years ago. if your looking for a great way to kill off some spare time and make some new friends check starpires out!

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