Stronghold Kingdoms

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Stronghold Kingdoms is a medieval-influenced free-to-play MMORTS developed and published by Firefly Studios. Hailing from Firefly’s Stronghold series of popular games, SK sets players up as designer and builder of their own castle lord, responsible for a variety of items necessary to develop a thriving empire, including architectural, economic, military, agricultural, mercantile, industrial and political elements. SK also makes it very important to be social and cooperative with your fellow neighbor/players, as this is a vital part of determining who may ultimately control and govern each parish.

Total Rating: 8.83
Reviews: 6

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Review Archive

Post Date: 20:49 08-05-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: I love every stronghold game, and this is one of the perfect ones. Think it's free on steam, and offers great enjoyement for players. 10/10.

Post Date: 16:55 30-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: nikiwild
Comment: Ok, here we have an online game developed from stronghold games. Game can only be played online with other people. First u need to choose a world. Then u are given a village thah u need to build up, in order to survive and conquer. For this game u will need a good pc for not having lags, and u will need a good network. Sound in this game is pretty cool. Every man has its own sound, when they are attacking you there are sounds, there is a good background music, its kinda relaxing, and when u are fighting, there is a action music in background. Graphics are really good, i like it. I cant tell anything bad. Game is updated really often so every time its better and better. Gameplay is really cool, like i said you need to chose region where u want to play, then u are given a poor village that u need to upgrade. Make it stronger better and many more. Build your own army, Start conquering and fighting against enemyes, make allyes so you can defend from enemyes that are trying to attack you. So this was my review of this game hope you like it.

Post Date: 11:31 27-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Geograf
Comment: I will write here little review of Stronghold Kingdoms:
It is strategy online game created from Stronghold 1. There is so much maps where you can play: Few worlds of Great Britan, USA, Poland, German, Russian, Turkye, Italian with Balkan, One big Europe map ... You get small village. You can make only few buildings on start, but you can research industry, military, food and education. In industry you can research many things, in military too, in food too, in education too You get 12 research poins on start and every level up you get 3 more. First 7 levels have only 1 stage 8 level have 2 stages, 9 level 3 stages, 10 level 4 stages ( every stage up you get 3 points). There is 22 level and Crown prince is 23th. In your village you have castle map and true village map. On castle map you create walls and towers to defend middle of that map where is true village. In true village you create everything other, weapons, food, materials... For materials you have stockpile ( on start it is 6000 maximum to have ) but you can research stockpile and get more space, for weapons same but you have armory ( Maximum 10 on start i think ), for food you have granary ( i dont know maximum on start ). You have 6 types of food: Apples, Cheese, Meat, Vegetables, Bread and Fish. More type of food eating = more popularity in village. When you have good popularity more people come to your village. On 12th level you can have second village. There is few types of village: Lowland, Valley side, Salt flat, River 1, River 2, Plains, Marsh, High land, Mountain peak and forest. Every type have good stuff and bad stuff. For example: in high land you cant make bread and vegetables but you can make pitch and you have natural defense. There is so much parishes, you cant capture parish, but you can be leader of parish city if you people vote for you If you want to attack some1 you must pay penalty. Few parish make county, few countries make province, few provinces make Country. You can be member of some faction, few factions make houses and houses are fighting for 1 place. There is glory rounds. Every round house which have the least points failure from glory race, round ends when some house get 1000000 points, that house get star and she need to be the least 2 times and then failure. Every house can have maximum 12 factions, every factions can have maximum 40 players. You are getting points for glory round when you complete quests and you are getting points for having parishes, counties, provinces and contries

Leader Position Points per Day
Parish Steward 4
County Sheriff 200
Province Governor 750
Country King 1500

In frist age, in second age its x2, in 3th age its x5 about frist age. Type of materials are: Wood, Stone, Iron and Pitch. Type of soldiers are: Peasants, Archers, Pike men, Swordsmen, Catapults and Captains
I think that's it, i forgot something but ask me in reply. I will write some tips for this game if you want just tell me in reply Here is site where you can download it: Stronghold Kingdoms First register and then you get link for download

Post Date: 08:16 29-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: A nice MMORTS, looks like stronghold crusader/stronghold 1. Not a bad game to play when you are bored, this will surely amuse you. I love that you can build nearly everything that a castle had in the past.

Post Date: 04:20 18-01-2013
Rating: 6
Author: Numa ApTavas
Comment: It takes forever to build things and develop, unless you want to spend real money to buy their crowns to get their game tokens. If you spend about the same amount you do for WOW, the game moves faster and your avatar develops a lot faster. So getting in the door is free, advancing levels will cost you real money, unless you have tons of time to waste and a book to read while things build and get researched.

Post Date: 13:01 05-01-2013
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I really liked this game actually. Maybe it isn't the best MMORTS that I've tried but it's definitely one of the best. The graphics are really good for a RTS. Not much that you could improve there, except for minor things that you barely notice. The game itself is very fun, but it can get boring if you play it for a long time in a row. Otherwise, the game is great.

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