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Decide with which team your loyalty lies and prepare for combat, you're entering the tank pit. Join players from around the world to battle for superiority in our free, multiplayer tank game, suitable for everyone.

Total Rating: 9.31
Reviews: 13

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Review Archive

Post Date: 19:08 26-08-2014
Rating: 9
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: Very cool game to play when you get bored of all the other good graphic games. This game may lack of graphics, but you have more fun in it then in other games that have better graphics. Also it's very addictive, so don't play too much. My rating is 9/10. :)

Post Date: 16:27 11-07-2012
Rating: 10
Author: heyITSlefty
Comment: Tankpit is an overhead rts game with shooter elements. It's totally free to register and play. You start out as a recruit and battle other players to earn awards and get promoted through the ranks, eventually becoming a general. There is also a leader-board to display who has the most points, as well as several tournaments per week. The learning curve is rather high considering it's just a simple little java web-game. Give it a chance though and you'll be spending your free time brawling in the tankpit!

Post Date: 05:29 18-05-2012
Rating: 10
Author: slimjim
Comment: Been playing this game since 1998 and will never stop. It's a awesome game and you def need to try it out..facebook.com/tankpit

Post Date: 06:17 17-05-2012
Rating: 10
Author: JohnFKennedy
Comment: This is a great game with all the makings for a classic, as proven so by the previous version. Use your skills learned through Battle experience to move up the down the leaderboards, earn awards and respect from your fellow peers. Take part in the many tournaments being hosted during the week and match your skills against fellow comrades for prestigious tournament cups.

And if you want to stray away from the battlescene and relax, heres a list of Tankpit 'Mini Games' for you to play:

Tankpit Mini-Games

Rock Block:
Probably the most played mini-game of all; we kick our list off with a game called rock block. Most commonly used to gain time for swords. Prepare for an addictive and fast paced mind game. Test your reaction time, wits and strategic movement in Rock Block.

Required surroundings: In order to play Rock Block, you must first set up an arena. You will need to be enclosed somewhere with obstacles.

Objective: The objective of the game is to block you opponent(s) in with obstacles. Once blocked in, the game is restarted. If multiple tanks are playing, the rules may differ. For example, you could play 1 block and you’re out. Meaning once blocked in, you must teleport outside of the play area. You can also play until every player is blocked, meaning once blocked in there is still a chance you get unblocked if one of the players uses an obstacle currently entrapping you.

Rules: No teleporting, all players should be the same color. On the chance they're not, no mining. No shooting.

Players: 2 or more.

Team Elimination:
In this game you battle heads up in a quest to eliminate the entire bot team. It’s time to man up and take on an entire squadron in a battle against other players.

Required Surroundings: Any map.

Objective: Your objective is to deactivate every member of your targeted AI team. First player to deactivate bots -1 to -9 wins. Bots can be killed in any order.

Rules: Deactivate the entire targeted AI team. Opposing AI tanks must be killed 1v1 without any outside interference.

Players: 2-4

Numerical order Team Elimination:
Much like Team Elimination, the goal of the game is to battle against other foes in attempt to deactivate an entire AI team. However the difference is you will need to kill the bots in numerical order. Test your skills in many key areas such as reaction time, AI location memory, speed and sheer firepower.

Required surroundings: Any map.
Objective: Your objective is to deactivate every member of your targeted AI team. First player to deactivate bots -1 to -9 wins. Bot must be deactivated in order.

Rules: Players participating in the game must start at 'bot'-9 and work their way down until 'bot'-1 is deactivated. If a player deactivates a bot out of order they are bumped back one deactivation. For example, if someone deactivates 'bot-'5 when their target was 'bot'-7 they are bumped back to 'bot'-8 and must once again deactivate that tank.

Players: 2-4

Bot Wars:
Bot Wars is one of the more time consuming Mini-Games to be played. However the end result is well worth it. Fight for map control over enemy AI tanks. It's time to herd your enemies up into one area for an all-out war. Be careful, 1 on 1 bots may not pose a risk, but when grouped together numbers can become a factor.

Required Surroundings: Any map.

Objective: Your objective is to first designate the 'safe area' on the map. All bots located in the designated safe area will be free from attack, for now. Now, it’s time to seek and destroy. Deactivate every enemy AI tank until every one of them is grouped together in the designated safe area. Next, either alone or with other players, teleport into the safe area and begin shooting every AI tank. Finally it’s time to finish the job. Attempt to deactivate every AI tank in the safe area. While this may sound like an easy task, if done correctly you should have 5-6+ AI tanks shooting you constantly. Bot Wars is best played with multiple players to speed up the grouping process, as well as to create an AI battle between the different colored bots.

Rules: The rules are simple; deactivate every bot until they are grouped into one area. Surviving is optional.

Players: 1 or more.

Heads up Deathmatch
It’s time to put all of your pride, skills and wits to the field and prove who the best player is. This game is fact paced with high risk and high reward. When you play this game make sure you’re ready to fight to the death, only one man teleports away.

Required surroundings: Any map. Both players must move to a designated coordinate. For example, (115, 125) after you move to the designated spot center your scope and move one block away. Both players must to do this in order to share the exact screen area. Consume any fuels and equipment’s in the screen. Move all obstacles as well.

Objective: Your objective is to battle heads up to the death. Once you both share the same screen area, begin shooting each other. You fight until one of you is deactivated

Rules: No moving outside the surface area. This is a fight to the deactivation, no teleporting away or quitting out. Both players must be the same rank and completely full equipment and fuel. If in the case a fuel or equipment spawns within the play area, it may be used.

Players: 2

Team Deathmatch
Bring you and one or more of your team mates to a battle that can make or break you. It’s Time to load up the turrets and fire at will. One team survives, one team is left defeated and one rank lower.

Required surroundings: Any map. All players must move to a designated coordinate. For example, (115, 125) after you move to the designated spot center your scope and to one side of the map. All players must to do this and go on opposite sides of the map in order to share the exact screen area. Consume any fuels and equipment’s in the screen. Move all obstacles as well.

Objective: You objectives are to work as a team and deactivate the opposing sides. Once you all share the same screen area and are located on opposite sides of the screen it’s time to begin battling. One deactivation and you’re out, so make sure you make your shots count, as well as use strategic movements give you the advantage of position and surprise. One team will teleport away victors. Warning, there will be casualties on both sides.

Rules: No moving outside the surface area. This is a fight to the death, no teleporting away or quitting out. All players must be the same rank or each side must have identical ranks. Make sure everyone is completely full equipment and fuel. If in the case a fuel or equipment spawns within the play area, it may be used. After you are deactivated you must remain outside of the play area.

Players: 4 or more.

Rock Race

Time to gear up and take a hike across the map from destination a to b. Pit your skills against your fellow players in a race to the finish line. Time to use your intuition and path finding skills or be sure to finish last.

Required surroundings: Any map. Designate an area to begin and an area to end.

Objective: Your objective is to carry an obstacle from one point to another. The course can range from mere screen or potentially the entire map. First player to place their obstacle on the designated coordinates wins.

Rules: No teleporting. You must carry your obstacle the entire way. If Necessary players may use their obstacle to cross lakes.

Players: 2 or more.


Post Date: 12:39 15-05-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Psychopath
Comment: Game is Very addicting once you get the idea of play down...been playing this game since 1998 shows how addicting it really is. Just gotta give it a couple hours of play once you get a good idea for the play your hooked.

Post Date: 22:49 14-05-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Jay-DemolitioN
Comment: Gave it a 10 rating. I may be biased because I play the game but yeah I love it that much.

It is fun, very addicting but yet so very simple. It has its own community. The game has no set rules but as a community we have our own code of ethics that players abide by and they earn respect from other players and become the best. I advise people to check it out. Play a couple of hours when you see lots of players in. Remember to check the guide page before you play.

Who's your daddy!

Post Date: 11:13 08-05-2012
Rating: 8
Author: zite
Comment: Such a fun little game in a persistent world. It"s great being able to play in the browser, although you do have to enable Java, and it"s safe for kids because the chat is moderated.

Post Date: 00:28 07-05-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Webber
Comment: Fun little game to play quickly. Wish GO had a similar game to fight each other!

Post Date: 23:24 30-04-2012
Rating: 9
Author: okyup
Comment: Addictive and fun. Hard to believe I played this game for a few hundred hours! Great way to pass small amounts of free time, you can log in for a few minutes and quit whenever you want with no time commitment.

Post Date: 00:50 30-04-2012
Rating: 10
Comment: Tankpit is a challenging game. New players should watch this video to get a head start. Enjoy!


Post Date: 17:31 29-04-2012
Rating: 10
Author: weekend_nachos
Comment: This game's a blast and it's one of the only games thats ever held my attention. Its the rebirth of the game Battlefield that used to be on bonus.com back in the day. Whether you're five or 40 this game appeals to everyone. It can be a little hard at the beginning for players but once you catch on the game gets real intense and hours just pass by. Its challenging and strategic. Definitely would be nice to get some new players involved.

Post Date: 16:50 29-04-2012
Rating: 8
Author: eldawg51
Comment: This game is a lot of fun after you give it a chance! It does have some bugs to be worked out but you get to play with people all over the world! Hope to see some new players on the field.

Post Date: 16:42 29-04-2012
Rating: 10
Author: bringitonbox
Comment: Tankpit is a free, multi-player point and click, action and strategy tank game. To be best on the field, a player must learn how to engage in multiple enemies at the same time. One must discern where to fight to stay alive. In addition, being wise with fuel and equipment management can be the difference between survival and deactivation. A player can also engage in strategic raids, where teamwork and predicting your prey’s moves ahead of time is crucial to a successful hunt.

Tankpit is a fun, exciting game where players compete for points, earn prestigious awards and participate in weekly tournaments.

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