The Hunter

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The most realistic hunting game you have ever seen. Pick up your free rifle and unlimited ammo, track and hunt Mule Deer on the visually stunning Whitehart Island.

Total Rating: 7.50
Reviews: 4

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Post Date: 10:55 31-07-2015
Rating: 7
Author: SulzYee
Comment: The Hunter is a really good game in so many ways. Real hunting simulation, sneaking around, playing with friends for more then an hour just for one kill... Game makes you perfect after few hour hunting because simulations are really good. But game has few poor design choices, "world" graphic is great which makes game really good and beautifull, but animal graphics are a bit poor, in some situations they are looking unnatural.
Few Pros and Cons:
-This game have good world graphics, landscapes... Second thing good in this game is that you can play it in Multyplayer, you can play it with your friends.And one more thing to add is that you can feel real hunting expirience.
-Unfortunately this is payment model of game, but you can try it free.And second think, I already said it, that is animal graphic and animations...
My rate is 7/10.

Post Date: 12:09 19-04-2014
Rating: 6
Author: savicaa
Comment: This game is really old game , as we can see on some details. As you can see in name of the game " Hunter " i think that you what you need to do , but i will write it . In this game you have weapon and you need to kill as many animals as you can . On the start that is hard , but later it will be little bit easier i think.
In the game , animals are like in real enviroment , forest , big ground with grass , and that is cool about it . But in some enviromets there are animals that you can't kill with one shoot , you shoot them , they will run away , they will blood and you need to go and follow blood and you will find it , sometimes animals are dead cause they lost blood but in some cases you need to shoot them 1 more time to kill them for sure!
For the end i will say what were my first expressions. Graphics are really bad 5/10 , trust me , sound is little bit better and it can get 6/10 , animatios are the best and that's 7/10.
Try this game if you didn't , it is good when you are bored :) Cheers!

Post Date: 09:55 19-04-2014
Rating: 7
Author: nikiwild
Comment: First, my rating: 7
Multiplaer 0 / 10
Gameplay 8 / 10
Graphics 7 / 10
Sound 6 / 10

This is an old game. Its something like first personal shooter game, the name of the game tells you hunter, you are a hunter going throught the wild and searching for animals. You can go anywhere you want throught the map. Its pretty easy game, but you will need patience for it. Because the animals arent easy to catch you. You can eather camp on one place or even ride a horse or a quad bike. You can find a built post and watch over him, you can make a sit camp on a tree, this is one more way to camp. You are given a classic sniper and some cool stuff too, like map compas and some more things. You need to track find and hunt down a mule deer. This game cant be played online because its very old. It does not need a good pc too, i am pretty sura that it works on every computer. The grafics are good, sound too, i dont want to give a big rate for this game because there are way more better games.

Post Date: 19:09 04-08-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: The game is called The Hunter, it is basicly RTS/FPS. I can't stress this enough, It is not played like an FPS, but it has FPS elements in it. It was developed by 6 guys, the company is called Expansive Worlds, and the game is ran on the Avalanche Engine.

Basicly it is a hunting game, and an MMO with competions going on all the time, and free to play. F2P will give limited prey, and limited zones. In order to get the game in all its glory is, you need to spend 60 US dollars for a premium account which last 12 months. There is also a 3 month account you can purchase. I just so happen to stumble across this beauty of a game in the MMO hut website.

The graphics are just astonishing, The enviroment and its elements will suck you right in. When a passenger jet flys over head you hear it, when its starts to rain you can here the very first drop hitting the trees and branches around you. If it really rains hard then the whole enviroment sounds will become drowned out. It Kinda sounds like standing under a Real Life Water fall. As the rain clears and all the drops stop, you will see the sky clear up allowing suns rays breaking through the branches of all the trees around you, and clouds. Off in the distant you will witness a full rainbow.

The guys at Expansive worlds obviously did a mountain of research on the prey animals, and how they act in their real world enviroments. This is probly the most realistic Hunting game you may ever come across. Tis why I said this game has First Person Shooting elements, but you will never kill any prey animal playing the game like an FPS. You need Stealth, You need to track animals, and you most of the times need to wait and listen for that Prey animal you are seeking.

The guys at Expansive Worlds made it pretty easy on locating animals, scat, tracks, and any vocalization the animal may use, With a little Gizzmo called the Huntermate. Although the Huntermate helps you, as the hunter to zero in on your prey, it is up to you to get close enough and deliver that kill shot. by either using the enviroment for cover, moving slowly, or calling the animal in from out of the cover to kill it. But lighten up on calling animals in, if you do it to frequently, the animals become spooked, and you will never make a kill.

But it does not stop there. If you found that big buck, took a shot, and it ran off, guess what? You have to now track the animals blood, to harvest the animal. If you shot any animal in this game and not harvest it like you are suppose to, then the Warden,IE Doc. will not be happy with you and your repitation will not let you hunt in certain zones ever. So make sure you harvest your prey all the time.

Like I mention earlier. This Hunting game is a MMO with competions going on constantly. Although you do not win any real life cash, however you do win all kinds of trophies, and Medals, that get displayed on your personnal Hunter page for everyone to see. Also, there are leader boards, and a Hall of fame section that your hunter will be displayed in for all to see. You also have a personnal Best. Spot, Kill, and Harvest section. Which shows all the stats of the animal, what distance the first shot was. What time of day you harvest the animal. What location the animal was found on its last breath, to what type of shot you did. IE Vital shot, Leg, or Body. These stats are updated per hunt, and how long you where in game, and how many kills you got, per trip to Lifetime best.

The only Bad things I can say about this game is the free version only allows you to Hunt Mule Deer, and are limited to two zones to hunt in. Although you will, on ocassion, come across many other prey animals, you will not be allowed to even shoot them, The game will not allow you to take a shot. A message will pop up saying you spotted(insert animal type, gender here)You can not kill this animal unless you have the required Membership, and or License. In your inventory you are giving a digital camera, and if you come across these animals that you do not have a license for, you are allowed to take a picture of the animal, and thats it.

Which is a bogus way on delivering two zones that are free. I wish even though these two zones are only unlocked for you, atleast the guys at Expansive Worlds should allow access to all the prey animals in this free zone. But they do not. You, as a free member are only allowed to hunt Mule Deer and that is it. Meaning the free zone, although it has Coyotes, Pheasant, Feral Hogs, and White Tail Deer as well as the Mule Deer. You do cross paths with these other animals frequently, but you are only allowed to shoot the Mule Deer. Which sucks.

Expansive Worlds also allows you to buy 1, 7, and 28 day Licenses with ingame currency called em$, but as far as I can tell em$ currency is bought with real life cash. 4.99 US dollars will get you 500 em$. But be weary on the transaction. Some prey animals are only allowed to be killed with certain weapons, and not the free rifle you get. So if you plain on buying, say a 7 day license to kill WhiteTail deer(which you do come across often in the free zone) you may need a certain weapon to be allowed to even hunt that animal. Weapons run from 125 em$ to 500em$.

So make sure you have the weapon allowed, before you pick up the by day License's, which are pretty cheap to buy with em$ currency. The premium membership will give all weapons and License's. So you will be better off just to purchase a 12 to 3 month membership in the first place. You can play for free aslong as you like, but the two zones, and the Mule Deer only, gets old fast. The game also, as far as I can tell is not Prepaid card friendly. Which is dumb on Expansive Worlds part to only allow credit cards to purchase a Premium member ship. This narrows the playing field down dramaticly.

Here I am rambling again I forgot to mention the prey animals, and both genders you can go after with a PREMIUM 12 MONTH to 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIPS:

Mule Deer(Free Membership Account+3 month and 12 month Premium accounts)

Premium 3 month to 12 month memberships
White Tail Deer
Black Tail Deer
Black Bear
Feral Hogs
Wild Turkeys

There is talk about adding more, Like Wolves, Grizzly Bears, Moutain Lions, and maybe even Tigers in the future. However Expansive Worlds is only 6 guys strong, and it takes alot of research of said animals, and how they act in their natural enviroments. Also, new Weapons, ammo, and prey calls, need to get implemented along with the animals enviroment ingame.

These guys mentioned a Moose being Implemented awhile back, and that is Expansive Worlds newest member, which got implemented. So only time will tell.

I give the game a 4 out of 10 only because the free content is very limited, If we where able to kill the prey that we come across on our travels in the free content area, then I'd go 8 out of 10. 8 because we would be limited to the rest of the other animals. Graphics, Enviroments, and Ambient sound 11 out of 10. Yep I went there. I exceeded the maxium score by 1, the game is just that pretty.

Thanks for reading my latest Review.

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