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Introducing the experience that combines fast-paced multiplayer action with heroic moments from traditional campaign mode. The advanced combat of tomorrow gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and agile, heavily armored Titan.

Total Rating: 8.80
Reviews: 5

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Post Date: 01:11 25-04-2015
Rating: 5
Author: ogreman
Comment: Testing

Post Date: 16:59 20-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I force my way through a ruined building, with the war raging outside. The hall I run in run out so I throw myself out the window to safely land in the next house. An enemy jumps in from the ceiling but I kill him with an accurate shot to the head. I dive down on the ground and see two Titans running towards me. Quickly, I take cover behind the nearest corner and call for help. Anxiously, I look up at the sky and listen. Suddenly it pops up. The clattering sound of my Titan that flies through the atmosphere to the ground to make me the most powerful in battle. Running towards the armored robot, it grasps and puts me in the cockpit; now let's kick the crap out of the other metal-heads.

Titanfall is Respawn’s new child. The studio that is comprised of parts from Infinity Ward, Titanfall is namely something as exciting as an innovative game in this long-winded genre. The innovation, however, comes with certain risks. I’ve played it just a couple of days, but I’m ready to review.

To avoid making some comparisons with the Call of Duty series is difficult. There are simply many similarities in the gameplay. Respawn has certainly managed to get the parts that for several years have worked so well and yet improved or whittled away what did not. The main difference is that there’s no traditional single-player campaign. Instead the story is revealed during matches against other players. Titanfall is actually completely online-based - at last someone who dares to be next-generation.

Your firstly choose which side you want to be on, Militia or IMC. Afterwards, you come to a lobby, just like in any other multiplayer-match. Here you will be informed of your assignment by one or several characters important to the story. Each game then begins with an intro sequence where more information about the mission told. Sometimes we are spawned by the side of our base that is attacked, and other times we crash right into the heat of battle. Throughout the match, the story is progressing through discussions over your communication radio. At the end of the game, an outro is played, no matter how the match ended.

The idea of weaving in the campaign and the story in multiplayer matches are good. Unfortunately, it is not as well done. When I before matches am told why we must defeat the opponents, I am busy with choosing weapons and ensure that my Titan is ready for battle. When I concentrated runs along a wall while trying to hit the enemies head, I have no time to listen to the game's story. There is already too much fun and the story is therefore just a noise among all the explosions. It's a shame, because Titanfall has many interesting characters, places, and last but not least, the Titans. Why is there an battle between the IMC and the Militia? Who came up with the brilliant idea with the Titans? What is this world? I still don’t know. On this level, the campaign is clearly a failure.

The chance that through a story, connected to multiplayer, creates more excitement was there. But unfortunately it was not. The campaign itself feels somewhat stressed up. Imagine if the results of all matches would affect the entire outcome of the game, it would have definitely felt new and fresh. But now, the result of the match is no more than a number on a leaderboard. But the idea is good and hopefully Respawn will get a chance to change it in a possible sequel.

The campaign did one thing right and that was rocking me into its gameplay. There, I feel incredibly at home and the symbiosis between the pilot and the Titan is cool- In the campaign, the only game modes that are played is Attrition and Hard Point Domination. The first is a standard team deathmatch where points are given for what you kill, and the other is about keep the points A, B and C for the longest time on the map. Besides this, we are partly offered the classic game mode Capture The Flag, and another team deathmatch mode called Pilot Hunter. In Pilot Hunter you are only given points for killing the pilots. Last but certainly not least, there’s also Titan Standing. All start in their robot and last one on the map wins. It’s a nice variation to the other modes, and it is powerful to fight with the other eleven Titans simultaneously.

What’s lacking among the various modes is a custom mode to able to create matches. A system to vote for next map or game mode would also have been nice, something that hopefully will be in later DLC or updates.

The choice to play as a pilot or Titan is otherwise based entirely on the map, opportunity and game mode. Some places in Hard Point Domination or Capture the Flag are only accessible as a pilot. You can instead leave your Titan as a guard outside. It also gets important to face your enemy properly. Once inside the Titan, you are not overpowering against the free running and hopping pilots. Outside the large Titan you move simply so quickly that the sharp robots isn’t quick enough. This allows the constant ongoing of two separate battles on the map. The between Titans and between the pilots.

The balance is generally very good. Here there aren’t any killstreak rewards that in Call of Duty could make a single player win. Your Titan is powerful but so is your opponent: you are fighting on the same terms. The matches are also populated with a number of bots. These Grunts, or Spectres as they are called, are harmless alone but becomes dangerous in groups. These AI-controlled units make you always feel active. You are almost never alone while you are still on the map.

The gameplay is similar to Call of Duty with the smaller and more intense maps. There is relatively little space for campers and with Titans that are marching around the maps; it is difficult for them to remain hidden. New elements like bots and Titans also require greater movement and variation from players. You have to be on your toes because you are never left alone. Your tactics need to be built for the moment, the map and who you encounter.

You can create up to five classes among both pilots and Titans. To your Titans are also three different chassis to choose from; Atlas, Ogre and Stryder. The three differ in agility, strength and armor. The choice makes you suitable to your style of play and there are many ways to go. Combining your pilot and Titan together to become the strongest war duo requires that you experiment. This is what the in-game built Challenges encourage you to do. The more weapons, Titans and abilities you try, the more XP you will earn. This will take you quickly up among the levels and new weapons. It’s also always rewarding hen Challenge Completed flashes on the screen and with gives you a motivations to continue.

Weapons and new abilities are thus locked into levels, and you can’t buy yourself powerful long before others. As long matches online is distributed over an even playing-level, everyone will play on about the same conditions. To sometimes get an "edge" against other players, you can use Burn Cards. These cards give you a stronger capability, access to a Titan directly or a more powerful weapon during a round. Keeping up with the Dropship that comes at the conclusion of each match is another exciting idea. The team that loses is namely forced to board a ship for a successful retreat, escape or for the opponent, shoot down this Dropship to reap some extra points.

Another small but appreciated touch is that you can choose to play as a woman. Other developers seem to be difficult to incorporate this into their games, but Respawn did otherwise and added it without even making a fuss about it, just as it should be.

Graphically, Titanfall isn’t something that tops Battlefield 4 but with its own visual style and 60 FPS it is damn nice to watch. As a pilot, running in the water on the map Lagoon and see the two titans fight with both missiles and on the map Lagoon and see the two titans fight with both missiles and weapons is mighty. To see your Titan fall down through the atmosphere from the sky is something you never get tired of either. Even the sound when it breaks the sound barrier is magical. You simply develop a small crush on your Titan.

Overall, Titanfall is a strong and interesting contender for the mainstays Battlefield and Call of Duty. Respawn restart from scratch and in many ways have hit the mark. Here are fun ideas of how a FPS campaign can play out in the future and I can hardly wait for how they will take this further. New elements like bots create life on the map and the escape from a loss to a Dropship creates a moment of suspense when the game is over. The best is yet the combination of the fast agile pilots and their tongue sharp Titans. There are many hours to kill with them together, because this was truly magnificent.

Post Date: 00:10 22-03-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Rezerva
Comment: Good :)

Post Date: 14:55 25-02-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is so good i cant even tell you from the gamplay i have seen i have decided a few things when you spawn in a map you can pick your class as a pilot you can summon by playing or you can earn it faster by earning points there are 3 ways to do this in the flag mode you capture the flag that gives points killing bots which are called specters or killing other players and when you summon your titan it is a different game it no longer feels like an fps it feels like you are unstoppable you can stomp on people one shot with melee attack fire rockets shoot a machine gun kill other mechs the perk system is alot like call of duty Black Ops or Ghosts and the graphics are also really really good for this game i give it 10/10

Post Date: 07:16 23-02-2014
Rating: 10
Author: mmowiz
Comment: i cant wait to play titan fall. it should be awesome!

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