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This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game unlike any you've ever seen. Blood spurts from enemies, right where your twin blades sliced. Enemies fall, only to become corpses you can hoist and brandish as sadistic weapons. Watch as walls crumble and whole buildings topple, providing you with new toys in the battlefield. With Source Engine physics and destructible, interactive environments, Vindictus redefines everything you thought you knew about "free-to-play."

Total Rating: 7.15
Reviews: 27

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Post Date: 23:21 01-08-2015
Rating: 2
Author: User Name
Comment: 1

Post Date: 23:21 01-08-2015
Rating: 0
Author: User Name
Comment: 1

Post Date: 23:21 01-08-2015
Rating: 1
Author: User Name
Comment: 1

Post Date: 20:13 01-05-2013
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game graphics are awesome some of the best combat ive ever seen in a game and the Raids are a huge part of this game which you can do my getting a huge party of players to take on huge monsters and get 1337 Loot also the combat system is like tera so its real time like you have to roll to dodge attacks that might be fatal i recommend practicing your evasion skills before doing a raid because the bosses in this game pretty much 3 hit anyone who isnt a tank also a healer and tank are a must for any raid the raid will not work without them and also the PVP is awesome with huge player vs Player Battles where people form all over the world fight each other in a death match of sword axe bow and magic also for warning young people like 13 or 14 because this game has alot of gore and blood i rate this game 10/10 for having everything an MMORPG gamer could hope for in a game

Post Date: 10:32 04-11-2012
Rating: 7
Author: ufbre
Comment: LIke it

Post Date: 20:52 26-08-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Very nice MMO. LIke it from first view. Graphics are more then good ;D Meny detailes make this game spicy ;d 8/10 from me :D

Post Date: 22:46 25-08-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is EPIC LIKE EPICCCC the graphics are epic the story line is awesome the game play is good i like it because the action combat the blood and gore are also very well detailed

Post Date: 12:21 25-08-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Vindictus is in overall a pretty good MMO. The graphics are very good with well made characters. There are some problems about the game though. First, there's the lag. It only lagged in the beginning though so after a while it dissapeared. So that wasn't really a big problem. But what really disturbs me about the game is that the characters are gander locked. I wanted to play as a magician and the only magician is Evie, but I'd rather not play as a female. I'm no saying that I got a problem about playing as a female. I just thinks it's a little more comfortable to play as a male. But those are the only problems that I've seen so far. Otherwise it's a great game.

Post Date: 05:39 26-06-2012
Rating: 0
Author: Exorcism
Comment: Screw Nexon. They have the crappiest account security & are constantly under attack from hackers yet fail to provide account security for their players as well as patch against hackers. Nexon is the worst company to publish games & anyone looking to sign up for a Nexon account is asking to get hacked. You have been warned.

Nexon: a company so fail, they're almost a win.

Post Date: 01:17 01-10-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Webber
Comment: Vindictus and Rusty Hearts are currently the two best actions MMOs. world of Tanks is a distant third to me. Vindictus the most brutal to me. The physics make it feel real than other games.

Post Date: 02:12 21-09-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Joker
Comment: Vindictus has cool graphics and strong action. Karok is my favorite character because he kicks the most butt! The best fantasy actioner I have played.

Post Date: 08:09 13-09-2011
Rating: 10
Author: mmowiz
Comment: vindictus is amazing if you like plenty of action. the dialog with npcs and quests are secondary to the action packed instances. i give vindictus 10 out of 10!

Post Date: 19:55 09-07-2011
Rating: 10
Author: gokiguy
Comment: I recently decided to play Vindictus and so far, I am in love with this game. The game has so many different features that are so amazing. The battles of the game are awesome. The fighting has an almost street fighter appeal to it.

Post Date: 17:27 09-07-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: Ok after my break from a recent MMO that caught my eye when I tried Vindictus for the first time. I currently got back into Vindictus, and been playing it a lot more.

Vindictus is a fighting/action/rpg. There are four classes that one can be, and are gender locked.

Lann-This character specializes in duel weilding swords, and he is built for speedy attacks. Lann can knock the breath out of you before you relize what is going on. He can deliver lots of Damage in seconds. Which makes him the popular class to play. Just like all them other games with DPS classes in them.

Karok(giant)-He uses brute strength to deal damage. He weilds a piece of a building pilar, and starts with a Huge log as a weapon. His attacks are slow but hit extremly hard.(probly my favorite class in Vindictus)

Evie-Is the magic weilder, she relies on her magic, and summoning abilities(Summoning in the higher levels becomes unlocked) She is extremly weak at Melee, or close quarters combat. I never played an Evie but I heard she has a heal ability. Not sure though.

Fiona-Is the Warrior of the four, she relies on defense, and dodgeing attacks. She uses a sheild to protect her at close quarters combat. She starts out in heavy armor, and can learn plate later on. Not a popular class to play, but some people enjoy this class.

Ok, now I got the breakdown of the classes out of the way. Vindictus is a Free to play with an avatar shop. It was developed by a company named Nexon in 2010. The Game features are, Brutal Physics, Party Play, and Armor customazation. With a kick butt lore thrown in the mix. Current level caps is 70 for now.

It is based on Instance running. Each Instance have set objectives, upon completeing certain objectives per instance, players are rewarded AP which in turn, allow you to spend this AP on training skills and reaching max training per any skill you choose. Which makes Vindictus a pretty unique MMO.

Vindictus also has a crafting feature, but is not all that good. You can get drops, of mats from doing instance runs, which leads to doing same instances over, and over again until you get the mats you need to craft one item, which do have a poor drop ratio. Basicly a repetitive crafting system.

There are a few simple things in Vindictus that lower my rate dramaticly, and most will agree. Despite the lame crafting physics.

1. The Market Place/Auction house system, Which down right stinks does not have level baring items in it. What I mean by this is...Say you have a level 61 Karok, and you feel it is time for an armor upgrade, and you figure you browse the AH to find that level 61 gear you might want to purchase, you can not just look at ALL 61 gear you have to, page, by page, line by line, browse the AH to find 61 gear for a particular class or level, and lots of times the gear stats do not have class reconmendation shown on it in the AH display menus.

Meaning, you finaly found the one piece of gear buy it, and when you obtain it, you check its stats and find out that particular gear is for a Lann/Fiona only, a Karok can not equip it. You just blew 25k gold for nothing. Do to the AH menu not displaying the class in the stats window per piece. So no level filters in AH. You just have to buy a piece of gear, and hope it fits your class. Which brings me to my next major complaint.

2. As ever sigle stinking MMORPG out their. The gold farmmers are present in Vindictus aswell. The downside is Nexon did not implement a ignore/Report feature in the game.

Mostly all MMO's allow players to click on the spammers name in whatever chat channel they are on, and it will automaticly Report/Ignore the spammer. Vindictus has a /block feature in the game. The problem with this is you have to type /block(players name)in the chat, which barely works half the time, and with names like "Dghfdhgsgjhjg" You would have to Type: /Block Dghfdhgsgjhjg in chat just to Block the person. You can see how much time consumming, and annoying it is just to block a single spammer. With the hopes of the spammer getting the ban hammer.

So these three little issues need to change dramaticly for me to ever give this one a nice rate.

But a good thing about this game, for players use to platform games like Xbox or Playstation games. Vindictus is gampad friendly. Although I personaly enjoy the Mouse Keyboard combo, some people will frown upon it and much rather use a game pad controller, you can.

All in All the game is pretty sweat, it has its flaws, and I recommend anybody to give it a shot. Some may love it some may hate it, and if you are not sure of what to decide, then you can always try Vindictus's cousin. Devine Souls. It is practicaly the same game as Vindictus is. It revolves around Instance runs aswell.

Post Date: 06:21 17-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Webber
Comment: Vindictus is like a brawler mmo to me. The action is nonstop and the dialog story is better than expected. 10/10 for awesome f2p action.

Post Date: 13:06 13-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Ninaeve
Comment: Anyone knows anything about when this game will be available in Europe?

Post Date: 14:54 11-06-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: I played this one very little. Not that, I did not like it, but I had my eye on a different MMORPG, at that time. Graphics are superb, to me. I like how the character run animations slow down to a walk, like it happens in real life.

You level through dungeons which is great for soloers, but does get a little old. You just tend to accept it, so it is not a problem.

Vindictus allows a player to manipulate objects in these dungeons to use as weapons + your auto targeting skills. Or, If you kill a mob you can pick it up and throw the corpse at other mobs to knock them over.

I would get in more detail, but I had not played this one to long.

Post Date: 02:47 04-05-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Funthrasher
Comment: This game is the best fighting medival game ive seen in a lot of time!! the only proplem with this game is that you are required to fight only in doengeons......Otherwise this is great

Post Date: 13:45 20-04-2011
Rating: 9
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: This action game looks very realistic. The graphics are perfect.

Post Date: 23:30 12-04-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Ecc0
Comment: "
Author: anigous
Comment: This game is the epitome of what an MMORPG Arcade styled action game should be. Issues? Content, content, content, and content. What's in the game isn't enough, but what the game is, is to be honest, perfect."

Exactly how I feel. If you want to spend endless hours grinding away this is not your game. But if you want fantastic game play. This is it. This is the only mmo I played that didn't feel like a job. The only thing I have issue with other than content is the dungeons feels too confine. Bigger dungeons and open space instances would be fantastic. I would pay to play this game.

Post Date: 17:19 27-02-2011
Rating: 0
Author: Gonzo
Comment: Quests are good... THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!

Post Date: 23:33 20-01-2011
Rating: 10
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: Overall, this is a great game. Good story and quests, great graphics, and the gameplay is actually a lot of fun. Controls are responsive, there are a lot of tactics that are easy to learn, and the interactive environment is pretty enjoyable to use. I thought I'd be tired of it by now but I'm actually not. There were some lag issues at first but the developers have been working hard to work out any kinks in the game so that it runs smoothly (unless the party host's connection sucks). The only real problem is that there is a pretty low maximum level (44), which I can overlook because the game is still in development so in time, this problem will be fixed, along with even more battles and quests. Also, there are only three characters you can pick from right now, but I think there may be more along the way. If you can make a lot of friends or get in an active, talkative guild, you'll have a good time with this game.

Post Date: 22:16 24-12-2010
Rating: 6
Author: hack10
Comment: Vindictus is a 3D MMORPG based on fantasy world with fast paced and hack n' slash style gameplay. The graphics quality are very high and with realistic looking. The gameplay is look quite good. But the game lack of limited number of characters to play with unlike other game which means you can buy some items in order to open slot of characters.

Post Date: 23:39 03-10-2010
Rating: 7
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: Is this game really based on Celtic culture?

Post Date: 21:25 28-09-2010
Rating: 9
Author: 420dude
Comment: I'm up to lvl 12 so far, love this game, action action!
Nice graphics (8)
resposive controls (10)
The best part (for me) is the fact that you don't marry the game, in other words you don't spend hours every day for months just to reach endgame and the fun parts. On this game you start having fun in dungeons right from lvl 1.
You can be low lvl and poorly geared, and still help the team and have fun (that's a big plus in my book).
Definitely going on my keepers list as long as it stays "FTP". Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending a couple of hundred dollars on a "FTP". (to help developers).
Is just that there are a lot of so called Free to play game that are not. (case in point... "Allods")Time will tell for this one.

Post Date: 02:24 25-09-2010
Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: This game is the epitome of what an MMORPG Arcade styled action game should be. Issues? Content, content, content, and content. What's in the game isn't enough, but what the game is, is to be honest, perfect.

Post Date: 22:22 16-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Saintkairu
Comment: Vindictus is the latest free MMORPG by Nexon and DevCat. The game involves quick and fierce combat that is based on the Source Engine. Your basic moves are a light attack, a strong attack, and a throw/grab attack. My first few minutes in this game were fun and exciting.

The game, though very demanding graphics-wise, was beautiful, even on the lowest settings. I found it to be very laggy, but that was just my computer. This game is definitely worth playing.

Overall: 8/10

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