War of The Immortals

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War of the Immortals is a game developed by Perfect World Entertainment, it is a game based off the original game Battle of The Immortals, it has many new features, many old and smoother gameplay with better graphics.

Total Rating: 8.50
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 03:14 02-05-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Rogue_Sora
Comment: The first 3 hours you'll be running around doing quests and having no clue about whats going on. But once you get past that it's a really good game.

Post Date: 04:14 19-04-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Malevolentality
Comment: War Of The Immortals is a very great and addicting game, there"s a few things people wont like at first, like how much is reminds them of BOI and how it may seem like it"s a form of a cash cow "cause it looks like a MASSIVE update to BOI, i must admit, it does look like that, but only in the beginning, the game actually is balanced pretty well, so well, that i"ll take back my rant i previously posted about this game. I made a level 91 character, within the first few months of this game being released, it was a great experience, very, Diablo like gameplay with very appealing graphics and colors, it was very competitive, fun and the in game economy wasn"t heavily influenced by the cash shop. You can literally earn everything in that game by playing hard and being dedicated, i believe they made the item shop in that game for those lazy players who just wanna dump money and have fun, which is no problem. They do sell items in the item shop that are very pricey in game, but it"s at a good price so ppl can"t spam them, they also have VIP memberships that you can purchase for 1 week, 1 month, etc. Those are actually worth it to pay cash for, we"ll get to that later, but with the amount of zenners in game, if you don"t want to spend money, you don"t have to, all you need to do is work hard, make a good character and go bossing, bossing is the best way to make in game $$$ and items, at this point in the game, the eastern server is getting alot of high levels so prices of rare armor drops from the bosses are fluctuating, but it"s still in game cash and they still have a rare chance to drop a boss "Pet egg" which is worth millions! Each boss pet egg is worth more or less than the other, mainly the higher level ones for 100+ are the rarest which go for up to 50mil in game, which costs a lot of real money equivalent. Down below, i"ll talk about the Pros and Cons and some features in the game.

Vip benefits:

-Daily rewards for VIP, you talk to a NPC and get some money (200k) and potions. Which is very helpful.

-Daily chance game, it"s very rewarding, you get 3 tries a day and you can win rare mounts, alot of money, rare attire and more.

-It"s worth the coins you"d pay for it in game, it"s mainly based off luck but it"s price on the eastern server is 4m for 1 week, you make 1.4m back by the time it"s over and not to mention the rare items you get from the daily chance game that you could sell.


-Able to earn everything in game. But it takes a long time and alot of dedication.

-Gem combination; Possibility to get any gem in game you want.

-Pets with a very in depth pet system

-NO PETS able to be bought through cash shop. (Which balances the game a lot)

-Events made for any level all the way up to 120, they"re very rewarding and help alot, also fun.

-Combat Aid; it"s a leveling Bot, but in the game, it literally helps alot, and makes the game funner,
it has no serious perks because you have to buy VIP membership to use the full version, but the free normal version is still a great addition to the game. Really helps out alot for events. It takes energy potions, but you rarely run out of energy, they only use 2-4 points for shouts in world chat.

-Artistic and very phenomenal looking armor, for a game like this, they really made the Armor really amazing looking. Every class has amazing looking armor.

-New Classes. Enchantress, Ranger and Duelist. (I heard rumors of more to come in the future as well)

-Pets can not over power your character if properly geared, they"re killable, they mainly just help out BIG TIME in PVE/Events, some are even built well for support.

-Pet Skills like ADV Aoe ones are not purchasable in cash shop, same with Zodiac skills, i don"t even think Zod Skills are even in WOI tbh, Ultimate skills too. Really nice job they did with that. Makes the game more character based.

-New Mounts and rewards able to be bought with achievement points on your profile on the PWI website. Check it out!

-Golden Armor is best for PVE, so now i believe it has a good purpose. (Events) - Soul Gear is for PVP during Bossing which is highly recommended to wear.

-Competitive PVP you will experience later on in game.

-Introduction ID"s last up to 90.

-Some daily quests are very rewarding.

-Clan domains.

-Ability to acquire Boss summons for clan domains from daily quests such as Heimdahlrs Quest.

-Master/Student system is very rewarding, gives both the master and student tons of EXP.
It works like this. For example, if you"re level 29, as soon as you level to 30, you get EXP for reaching a new Tier, get it? so, the EXP gains only happen when go from... 39-40, 49-50, 59-60 ... and so on. :) also, the higher your level, the more you could sell that EXP reward for to higher levels, it"s a win, win for you.

-Pet AOE Skills are hard to come by and a rarity.


-Guilds and factions with Higher levels on certain servers try and control all the very beneficial things such as bosses and PVP Events to benefit themselves, making the game kind of boring at times, "cause you can"t go bossing if they are. They even try to steal bosses if you get lucky enough to see one. But there is some people who stand up to them and fight back! Which is awesome!

-Some "Zenners" are constantly fluctuating in game prices causing deflation and inflation.

-Upgrades can be very, very costly, basically everything in game can be upgraded, which eventually becomes super costly and so ANNOYING.

-Upgraded armor can"t be sold back, it"s bound.

-Gems embedded in gear you don"t need have to be junked with the armor unless you buy removal items for it.

-Gems have different levels... meaning, they need different level removal items if you have/want to remove it. The higher the level, the more costly it is to remove it.

-Chances of getting a level 5 mount is ridiculous and if you get it to +5 and want to sell it, you"ll be lucky if you got a fraction what you put in it back because it resets it to level 1 when it"s tradeable.

-Pet upgrades like every other upgrade become super costly.

-Boss pets can"t be melded (this is a good and bad thing i guess)

-Very low chance of getting a boss pet from boss kill.

-Very low chance of receiving rare items from a "limited time offer" box in cash shop.
(They"re not worth it at all)

-Daily events become repetitive and boring.

-Top players are rude and rarely helpful. I call them Game Zombies.

-You accumulate so many items eventually later on in the game it kind of makes it plausible to spend zen and expand your inventory.

-AOE Pets are rarely around.


Overall, this game is like BOI"s prettier, smoother sister, they took some old features people hated out of the game and made it more appealing to those who would appreciate BOI without them, there"s still BOI fans playing BOI, but now WOI is basically it"s own game, it looks like BOI but is not in any way.

Hope this review was helpful and you got a better insight into the game from reading this.

also For New Players my Introduction ID for Midgard (Eastern) Server: 3180131G020000057006560Sffb1ff

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