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A fantasy strategy platformer roleplaying game. The player must survive a long quest throughout a large dungeon. The game is turn based, with turns being in fractions-of-seconds, so whenever the player moves, the enemies move as well, but still giving the player time to think about their next action. The game features multiplayer games, in which you may share items with and see the status of the other players in the same dungeon as yourself.

Total Rating: 10.00
Reviews: 3

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Review Archive

Post Date: 16:41 19-06-2015
Rating: 10
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Wazhack transfers NetHack to a new perspective and succeeds! Except for garish graphics, even oh so trendy 16-bit retro graphics would work better.

Post Date: 11:22 11-06-2015
Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Dungeon likely game. I like it. It has some average graphics but gameplay makes it a lot better. I like this game really. 10/10.

Post Date: 03:47 10-08-2012
Rating: 10
Author: quinn
Comment: Wazhack is simply an awesome time-killer of a game. It belongs to the genre of Roguelike games, such as the old classic Nethack (it actually is partially based on Nethack, many of the items, techniques, and enemies are the same). Although the Roguelike genre is not quite well-known these days, they make for excellent replayability. The game features permanent death. If you lose, your save file is deleted and you must start over. This gives a sense of thrill to the game..you can't just reverse that mistake you made.

All the items each game are also given random identities, and you have to figure out which of them is which if you are to survive. For example, a red potion in one game may heal you, but in another game it could turn out to turn you invisible or hurt you. You can discover these items through many different techniques, and finding the ways to do it yourself is a large part of Roguelike gameplay, and makes you able to play the game again and again.

Wazhack takes a platformer twist on the genre, keeping the turn-based nature of the classic Roguelike, but turning those turns into fractions of seconds. Your character moves like in any other platformer, but when you stop moving, the entire world stops. This gives you time to plot which wands, potions, or weapons you plan to use next, giving the game an interesting strategy feel. There is little-to-none of the classic platformer jumping, as that is not the purpose of the game.

WazHack is a great game, infinitely replayable, and the graphics are wonderful. The game is free to play for quite some depth into the dungeon, after which you must pay (~$2 when I purchased it) to unlock the full dungeon permanently, or start over with another character.

The game was also recently ported to Android, so those of you with fancy phones and tablets can play as well!

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