Ram the sheep needs your running help so he could run towards reaching and meeting the cyberlove of his life! It all started few days ago, when Ram surfed on Sheepbook and run across his furry soulmate. Now, Ram is designed to run across seven sees and on top of seven mountains, jump over deadly spikes and endless pits, collect shiny coins and gain powerups, all this with hopes to find the true love of his sheepy life. However, be aware of the black sheep that comes along the 2 players playing mode. Have fun!


  1. Very cool running video game,in game u are sheep and you have to dodge the traps and holes,very easy free to play video game,also you can play it with one friend,I think we should add this game to arcade

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  2. It’s a great 2d running game. The sheep is practically the only character the player can control. controls are easy and the gameplay and objective s well. Overally this game is .a simple time waster, therefore, I’d rate this game a 2/5.

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  3. Run Ram Run is an interesting arcade game that offers 1 player mode and 2 player mode with three different difficulties. I like that this game starts off with a cutscene to introduce a backstory before jumping into the game itself. The gameplay is fun as there are obstacles and even power-ups, but I do think that this game could improve by having smoother jumps, and maybe faster platforming for the harder difficulties. The game’s graphics is very appealing, but there are improvements that this game could benefit from. Overall, I would rate this game a 3/5.

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  4. Tje graphics are cartoonish. The obstacles are quite logical. It is fun and the ram is cute! My first review was a little bit short. So im putting another one.

    The levels get quite hard which gives it challenge for players and will make them play longer as the game progresses. It’s a fun game but still getting repetitive by the time you master the mechanics.

    Over all. Im still rating it with 3/5

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