While most of the top MMORPGs today have eye-popping graphics RuneScape caters instead to gamers on a budget who are looking for a MMORPG like EverQuest but do not want to pay a large subscription fee. You will not find great graphics (although graphics have been improved) in RuneScape but you will find a great deal of people to interact with in a fairly deep RPG for free. Those gamers who want to explore everything have to pay $5 a month which is still well below industry standards.

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Author: Dirge
Rating: 9

CONCEPT: Basically whatever you want it to be.
RATING: Ages 7 and up due to alcohol reference.
ANIMATION: 6 of 10
GOOD SIDE: Amazing sound track brilliant and huge world with a series of involving mysteries and quests.
BAD SIDE: dull battle system.
SOUND: 9 of 10

Now when it comes to RPGs I’m not easily impressed. But this game is next to perfect. It creates a good community for players of all ages. As for spells this game offers over 55 different offensive strategic and defensive spells and prayers. A feature very unique to this game is the fact that there are no definitive ‘classes.’ U simply start training at whatever u want and fulfill your destiny whatever it may be. In this game u can become: a swordsman priest swift fighter thief professional chef archer fisherman ninja axe man barbarian brawler servant mage blacksmith armor crafter weapon crafter tool smith designer farmer merchant traveling story teller brewer chemist collector mercenary and god knows what else! Runescape features a limitless world (most of which I wont spoil ;)) a huge variety of things to do and much much more!!! I highly recommend u at least try it. (character animation is bad however.)

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  1. RuneScape is a popular medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Jagex, and is one of the largest free-to-play MMORPGs with millions of users worldwide. This game was originally released in 2001, but has evolved with changes to the game’s engine, updated graphics, and many other changes. This game can be played on a few browsers as some browsers have dropped support for RuneScape, but can mainly be played on the RuneScape client. As RuneScape has had many updates, there are two main versions of RuneScape, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. I will be going over RuneScape 3 as that is the newest version.

    Starting with the graphics, RuneScape has a nice 3D environment, particularly in the overworld of the game. The overworld is calm, brilliant, and excellently detailed, especially in bright areas near water with subtle reflections, in wooded areas with fine shading, and in various locations throughout the game. Although the overworld is excellent, the graphics for the main character is alright. The main character’s model appears somewhat skinny, particularly in the arms, and the character’s lower body appears very short. In addition, there is not a lot of shading on the character and the polygons are not very detailed, but at least there is customization to change things like hairstyle and clothes. On the otherhand, the various races in the game such as goblins, elves, and fairy have interesting designs. Other than the main character design, most parts of the game looks amazing.

    Next is the interface of the game starting with the worlds, or servers that the player can choose from. There is a huge array of servers that the player can join, and some of these world servers are either free or for members. One great thing about these servers is that they support other regions and languages, so players can search for the server that suits them the best. Delving into the game, RuneScape has a lot of parts to its user interface; for instance, there is a mini-map which is very handy for a huge game that requires traveling around. There is also an interesting ribbon interface that is sorted nicely, but the use of keyboard shortcuts make it easier for the player to use parts of the interface without necessarily clicking on them. The icons on the ribbon interface do look outdated, but could be updated to look more appealing. Moreover, the parts of the game interface can sometimes be cluttered and perplexing to the player, but fortunately the player can drag, hide, combine, and change the size of them.

    Now on to gameplay, the third-person perspective of the game makes it so that the player can see the surrounding environment around them which is very handy, especially when the game focuses a lot on point-to-click actions rather than much use of the keyboard. Pertaining to the environment, the music for the most part is calm with nice sounds like birds chirping in certain areas to create a feel of immersion. Also, the game has voice overs unlike the early version of RuneScape. In addition, this game has various tasks and quests to play, and most of them are very interactive which makes the game not feel repetitive or boring. There are also skills that the player can do like go fishing or go woodcutting. Aside from tasks and quests, there are three combat classes which are warrior, mage, and ranger. These combat classes are balanced and work like a game of rock, paper, and scissors. Also, there are mini-games that the player can play involving combat and/or skills.

    All in all, RuneScape 3 is fun and free to play, and is a major improvement from Old School RuneScape. Membership will allow players to enjoy the game to its full-extent with bonus content, but is completely optional, and the game is already fun to play for free. And for players who prefer mobile, RuneScape will be available for mobile with Old School RuneScape coming this winter and the main version of RuneScape coming in 2018 which will totally be exciting for RuneScape fans. Overall, I would give rate this game a 4.93/5.

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