Take your bow in this bowman 2 player game and shoot arrows to the second player. Be it a friend or a family member, this is just a game so enjoy it. You can also customize your character or even shoot birds for fun.


  1. Ryona Bowman is a fun bow-shooting game. It reminds me of some of the tank games I used to play where a tank attempts to take out another tank. I do like the variety in this game, particularly on “vs CPU” mode, as the distance from the player and computer is random, and the computer’s health is random as well. I also like that shooting at different parts of the body takes out different amount of health as it encourages a more risky play like aiming for the opponent’s well where the bow shot can miss. I will say that this game is very easy when the player knows the pixel of where he/she drew the bow, and I wish the player/opponent moved around each round, so that the game is not too easy. The “Birds” mode was quite fun though, and I like some of the options in “Character Setup.” Overall, I would rate this game a 4.75/5.

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