ShadowRun Returns Game Giveaway is currently giving away one Steam copy of ShadowRun Returns to one lucky member who follows the steps below out of all who enter this opportunity. To  successfully participate in this ShadowRun Returns Giveaway, you can be either a new member or old an regular in the blog and forum. The only advantage to being an old member is that there is no need to repeat the first two steps if they have been completed already.

Game Trailer Video: 

Steps To Enter Giveaway:

1. Join our Steam Group at

2. Join our Facebook page at or our Youtube at

3. Write at least a sentence on what you think of the Shadowrun franchise and what your favorite game in the franchise is.

Post your user name(s) used in steps one and two along with what you write for step three in the comment section below.

Game Features:

  • Normally $14.99 on Steam.
  • Has a Steam Workshop with content created by the game’s community.
  • A level editor is included.
  • The theme of the game is cyber punk meets fantasy as magic and monsters do exist in the world.
  • Races include trolls, orks, humans, and elves.
  • Turn-based tactical RPG.
  • This game was funded by Kickstarter.
  • Great story interwoven into the turn-based action.
  • Characters are very well made.
  • The classes/professions are very interesting and somewhat rare with standouts such as being a street samurai, rigger, and many more.
  • Many possible actions in each turn.
  • Skill based character progression.
  • Intriguing art style.


  1. Can I get code for that cool video game :),I am joined to our steam group,my name on steam is TheRedLight3,I already subscribed to youtube channel 🙂 my Email is :[email protected] gmail name:Trouble Double

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