Shattered Galaxy


Game Description and Comments

Shattered Galaxy is one of the oldest and most popular MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) games in the industry. Due to the game's MMO nature, players can only have a small fraction of the units that retail RTS games like the Command & Conquer and Warcraft games have at their disposal. This allows players to form regiments in order to play together like MMORPGs. If each player had a screen of full of units, the game would be to tough to play in groups. Grouping and teamwork is essential in this game because solo players will be overwhelmed. 

Key Features

  • Small number of units to command.
  • RPG elements involving levels and stats.
  • Battles are won by holding various vital areas on maps.
  • Every single unit gains experience.
  • Groups are known as regiments.
  • Victory rules vary between different maps. 

Select Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: Kanbei
Comment: I like this too, but I think what phantasma said may be a bit outdated. Wulu is gone. I haven't seen it once and I have been playing for months. In addition, the nice community that he or she was a part of is gone too. No more call outs for mistakes, but no more people helping you much either. People never really work together in the game now. For example, people will nuke their own teammates just for fun. 

If you are new do not ever join the faction Troy. The people there are rude and obnoxious and wont even answer the most basic questions. Helike is better at that, but Pompeii is the best with the most teamwork and the most wins. I've done every faction now and Pompeii easily owns them all! 

Let me explain the unit types further: There are 4 types of units:
Infantry-Ground well, uh...infantry
Mobile- all mobile units: tanks, AA launchers, bunkers, repair triages....
Aviation-Any non-organic thing that flies. Everything from bombers to things that use fire.
Organic-Anything that lives (basically the Aliens). Most can evolve and get stronger, but it is also linked to your mech ap (mechanical aptitude) and your education.

No unit type is better than another. They all just differ on our style of play. Units within the same type, however, can be much better choices than others. For example, Hawks (fast moving Aviation ships) would be much more preferable to fight Owls (like hawks, but slower and stronger) than Phoenixes (unbelievably slow, very short range for flame attack).

Rating: 10
Author: Phantasma
Comment: Shattered Galaxy 2006 is very different. For example, the name "wulu" is now a widespread word used in place of calling someone a newb.  Wulu is a character so moronic that his name is now shunned. Anyways, the new world of SG is all tactical and nobody ever just sees it as a game since they are always screaming at each other and calling each other wulus for there mistakes. 

Anyways, the game play is very addictive and I can't stop playing, but I wish pelicans still had lasers. They made a pretty good decision on the music because it is something you can listen to for hours on end and not get annoyed with it. I also really enjoy using the "arbs" "ballista's" and the "trebs" and the "vultures" acting like a mortar. The arbs launch rounds of explosives into the enemy from afar and the one downside is their speed. All the ballistic things are slow. Anyways, they are the only ballistic thing that can be "phased" by the majority of people using them because it is the only ballistic unit with enough room to equip phasic armor. The ballistas shoot air with flak, the arbs shoot the ground with bombardment, the vultures are basically flying arbs, and the trebs are cloaking arbs/balistas but much weaker. 

I don't like to point out the mistakes but it seems that whenever you want your units to go to a specific spot they end up spread out all over the place. There are also plenty of bullet rounds, lasers, carpetbombs, and nukes flying in every direction and somehow the landscape remains untouched. I just wish they would change that because it is weird seeing a nuclear explosion destroy all these units, but the grass and trees somehow remain spotless. I guess that is asking too much because it is really a great game. 

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Pricing Model

Shattered Galaxy can be played for free but with stat and level restrictions. To fully experience the game, you will need to pay $9.95 per month.

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