Focusing on your wellness goals has its ups and downs. Sometimes you get worked up with tight schedules pushing gym appointments down the to-do list. For someone very particular about your fitness, missing a gym session can be a huge deal-breaker, and the longer it drags, the harder it can become to bounce back to your fitness routine.

Luckily, many gaming trends have emerged to make it easier to keep up with your fitness routine from the comfort of your home. So are you skipping the gym? No worries. Play these games for 90 minutes instead.

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Fitness video games have gained traction among many wellness-conscious individuals in the United States. Various studies state that there are various health and wellness benefits linked to playing video games.

For instance, action video games like Fortnite involve a lot of reflexes. The game includes various fitness activities like engaging in dancing routines with music from your favorite artists to play the part. Fortnite gamers’ average heart rate can spike up to 89 beats per minute during a 90-minute workout and can be your best choice for remote exercising.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone is an online Battle Royal video game released in 2020. It was released as part of Modern Warfare and Black Ops and became a standalone game later that year with updated features to match the expectations of its growing audience.

Betway Insider investigated the heart rate of gamers when playing Call of Duty Warzone. The investigations revealed that Call of Duty: Warzone gamers had the most average maximum heart rate, reaching 119 beats per minute (BPM).

Grand Theft Auto V
The Grand theft Auto V game comes with various features users can leverage for fitness. You can talk of The Grand Theft Bike V mod, which helps gamers explore the GTA world and work out.

The GTA mod is attached to the vehicle you’re driving in the game. It reads the speed and terrain toughness, sending real-time feedback to the gamer for an immersive ride. The mod allows auto-drive cyclists to ride around Los Santos, GTA five’s fictional city, exploring different routes and difficulty levels. Cyclists playing with keyboards can control the bike manually, giving them more control when exploring the GTA world.

In the near future, developers reveal that tech advancements can power additional accessories like heart rate monitors for effective fitness routines.

Minecraft gamers enjoy various benefits from education to entertainment and, for this reason, have become a top choice for parents who want their kids to enjoy healthy and value-adding gaming. Research studies into Minecraft also reveal that each task comes with a different level of physical activity for gamers.

For instance, Minecraft tasks like mining and exploring the game world allowed gamers to exercise, even though not intensely. Often, the intensity of exercising depended on the particular environment gamers found themselves in. Gamers would slow down when exploring indoor hallways to control gaming characters and increase the pace when they’re in an open area.

Minecraft developers aim to ramp up physical activity while playing by including more open spaces. Open spaces can tempt the players to peddle their bikes faster and for longer periods.

Generally, fitness games or activity video games involve players moving their bodies when playing, and they can be a great alternative if you miss out on your gym sessions.