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Ever heard of Well, think of as a popular free online game like that. Instead of trying to become the biggest germ, millions of players are trying to be the longest snake. The main difference is a little bit of Tron/Snake is mixed in for an extremely fun multiplayer experience. If your head touches another slimy snake you will explode and it will be game over for you. That said, this is one free game that should not be missed.

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1. Free online game.

2. with snakes.

3. Very popular.

4. Try to become the biggest/longest snake.

5. Available on mobile.

6. Has a little bit of Tron and the classic game called Snake.

7. Eat little circles.

8. Multi-player only.

Pricing Mode is a free online game published for the web and is supported primarily by advertising.


  1. is interesting and very popular browser free to play video game.It is like but you are a snake not a dot as in in this game you kill your opponents when they hit you with head in your side of the body,and it is interesting because you can kill bigger players then you (bigger snakes),I recommend this game everybody

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  2. This game i rly like, yea trapping and killing bigger snakes are most interesting part for sure, played game for a while and i had lot of fun. Game looks rly simple but u need to thing and make strategies to capture larger snakes, speed up rly helps on that

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  3. Not ban game it is bettter then agar,for me,and it is more fun to play with freund,
    It is little weird to not play on Facebook like Agar but ok,this is becouse is laging more than games of Facebook.
    Any way it is very fun game and i like it!

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  4. Pretty cool game for spending some time.Game is really simple and you only have to catch and eat bigger snakes.This is really good game for gamers who like this kind of games.I recommend this game to everyone,try it 🙂 ! I also give 4/5 to this game.

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  5. I just played this last week it’s quite enjoyable I’m currently thinking of playing the other io games not just I find it amusing hoe they look like worms even though they’re snakes 😛

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  6. I like I’ve been playing some of these io games since with my latest io gameplay being What makes really interesting is the way the game works (it’s sort of like Snake, but you have free movement, and you can also take down opponents by having them run into your tail). When you get a high score, you feel really proud, but when you lose, it can be frustrating to start all over again. I can’t wait to see what other io games there will be in the future.

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  7. is one of the few browser games that I personally love playing. The game has great a leaderboard for players in each server, in which players will have to cross others out to win. The game is a phenomenal type of eating and growing type of game which is similar to Agario. Overall, it’s outstanding imo.

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  8. was first introduced to me by my little cousin on grade school x)

    It was a cute game and requires strategy. The main goal is gaining leaderboard and not dying / bumping on other wormies. The best strategy to do is to surround the little wormies or make enemy wormies bump into your body. Your wormy gains length as it consumes energies (or those shiny thingies from dead wormies. Euuuw)

    Anyways. It is a good game.
    Thumbs Uppy~

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  9. game is very funny and enjoyable game, you get bigger the more you eat other snakes you can kill your oponents by making them headbutt any parts of you except your head cuz you might die too xD the graphics is good for an arcade game 5/5

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  10. is like that old game snake but instead of eating dots, you are eating snakes! When you eat snakes (other players), you will grown in size and become less vulnerable to other players and you in turn become more threatening to them. It’s simple fun to play and it looks decent. 4 stars!

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