In League of Legends, everyone knows the game is competitive every season, so anyone who wants to achieve high ranks must invest time and be patient.

There is no perfect player in League of Legends. Everybody has their advantages and disadvantages, and in some way, we all overlook something. You can improve through consistent playing, dedication, and learning.

Ranked matches require a lot of self-discipline, focus, and luck to win. Tackling any problems or fears you may have before entering the ranking can increase your chances of winning the competition.

We’ll cover several things that many players find difficult to solve. We believe that you will have something that can make you a better player by the end of this article.

Don’t Have a Reliable Champion Pool

In a game with over 140 heroes, each of them has different motives and exciting gameplay. We recommend you attach to a limited championship group of 2 to 5 champions and play those champions’ positions before they fail to work.

In contrast, if you were to play every champion in the rankings, you wouldn’t have the skills needed to reach your full potential. For example, compared to beginner Yasuo, people with more than 500 games are more likely to be misusing the champ.

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All you need to do is pick five heroes you are good at and you like in this game. After loosening up, it is time for solo performances.

Take the time to research it and then take a chance if you intend to swap one champion with another. If the champ is technically challenging or different from what you are used to, it is not understandable immediately.

When it comes to roles, stick to two roles – the main role and sub-roles. If your assigned role is uncomfortable, choose a hero that is easier to play and easier to perform.

Continue Playing while Tilted

We’ve all experienced the feeling of “playing one more game” that is no more real than a losing situation in your recent gaming history.

When you tilt, the most straightforward “League of Legends” basics pop out of the window, and you focus on winning the game rather than improving it.

The consistency of League of Legends cannot be underestimated. Competent enemies will tell you when to play inconsistently, and intelligent enemies will be able to take advantage of your inclination.

When you are upset or frustrated in the game, you won’t defeat your enemy.


In most cases, avoiding going back in line will solve the problem. You should decide not to play the League of Legends for a couple of days, even though you’re going to reboot your muscle memories.

If you are in a match, mute everyone in the game and pretend you are playing against a robot. Concentrate on your own game and the things you can control. Otherwise, you will fall into the rabbit hole.

Warming Up

It is recommended that you warm up first and then play the games with the highest rankings to give yourself the best chance of winning. If you haven’t warmed up, you may find it challenging to achieve good results in the championship.

For example, if you like to play mechanical opponents like Yasuo, Zed, or Ahri, it may be hard for you to win well enough against them to win the game. Their requirements are very high, but they are easy to use if they are built well.


Perhaps, you were only away for a few hours, a few days, or you just came home from class. Before queuing for the “ranking,” keep playing your regular games to warm up.

Playing the warm-up before entering the rankings is a great way to understand the style and rhythm of League of Legends. It’s clear now that the league needs some form of muscle memory to perform at its best.

Before you get into the rankings, you might need to learn a variety of things. Fortunately, most of them can be learned in one or two games.

Training modes, such as ARAM or Nexus Blitz, are also helpful during the warm-up.

Mastering Your Champion’s Potential

We’ve just talked about the significance of warming up in League of Legends. You can make an additional attempt to train and learn some elements of the ranked games.

For example, many heroes have a particular combination of skills and animation suppression features, which may allow them to perform better or have more choice.

When confronted with professional skills, once they have mastered the championship, fighting them can be frustrating. You’ll become a better player by understanding your champion and being able to produce great combos.


It can be done in several ways:

  1. Bring the hero you want into the Training mode and leave it until you master the combinations.
  2. Beat the area over and over. Search for specific situations where you can use those combos.
  3. Play unranked games until you are ready for the champion ranking.

Training is mandatory if you want to ace League of Legends. If you can practice individual master skills as best as you can. You’ll find that your results are better than someone who is just playing the champion.

You can master their combinations by watching the full movie, try to recreate them, and then do the real exercises.

Do Enough Research

Experience is an essential part of rank pushing. The more experience you have, the better. Most gamers do a little research by watching video streams or gameplays but may not always put into effect what they experience.

If you are not actively looking and trying to improve your game, you may not seem improved enough as you climb.

From Gold to Platinum, you need to start learning the ins and outs of dueling, master the basics of finding the best setup, and learn how to make the best macro decisions about when to rotate, group, or keep farming.

Players who do this can advance to the next level more efficiently, and players who don’t usually fail in those levels.


If you’re looking for information, you can take people’s suggestions into account and try to incorporate what they say or do into your gameplay.

There is already different educational content on YouTube and the Internet. Try to find information about the game and do your research.


Once it comes to making improvements in the League of Legends and reaching high rankings, it’s crucial to concentrate on what you’re doing, not what anyone else is doing.

Any benefit you can bring yourself in terms of knowledge or skills can give you an edge over your peers. You should strive to maximize their effectiveness.

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  1. I think playing competitively while tilted creates poor performance in a game. Like when you lose a game and you grow frustrated, sometimes continuing the game just puts you in a terrible losing streak, since you’re so focused on the loss rather than the objective of the game. I find that taking a break after a loss is often better than continuing a game, since it gives you more time to reflect. Even the best players know how to control their mood when they mess up or lose.

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