If you want to know more about your favorite browsers, then you have found the right article. Google Chrome has plenty of interesting features that most people ignore. Experienced users know how to customize this browser to improve its performance significantly. The following features & tricks will show you how to make boost your work with Google Chrome immediately

Special Features & Tricks in Google Chrome for All Users

You can endlessly do two things: watch how the fire burns and experiment with the settings of Chrome. Google’s browser has many useful features that not everyone knows. Here, we will explain to you how to become a professional and use Google Chrome to the max. Stop wasting your time for other browsers, which cannot guarantee you good performance and quality features. Things are getting real. Get Google Chrome Full Offline Installer and learn more about its best features & tricks.

How to Open a Closed Tab

If you accidentally close a tab, do not panic. To open it quickly, press Ctrl + Shift + T or Command + Shift + T on Mac.

How to Save Opened Tabs

Chrome can save hundreds of open tabs from reloading. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + T combination, or you can customize the browser and always start where you left off. Go to Settings – click on the section ‘Launch Chrome’ – Previously Open Tabs.

How to Transfer Multiple Tabs to a New Window

If there are too many tabs, transfer part to a new window. Hold down Ctrl or Command (for Mac) and select the tabs you want to move. The selected tabs will be lighter than the others, now you can simply drag them to the side and they will open in a new window.

How to Disable AutoFill Forms

Although AutoFill forms are comfortable for many users, some prefer not to use it. By default, Google Chrome has an active auto-complete feature – the browser remembers addresses, email, card numbers, and other important information. If necessary, you can disable it like this: Settings > Advanced > Passwords and Forms > AutoFill Settings > Off.

How to Disable Notifications

Obsessive notifications can annoy all. To get rid of the endless questions, open the “Settings”, scroll down and click “Advanced.” The next step is to launch Privacy & Security – Content Settings – Notifications. Switch the toggle switch to the locked position.

How to Pin Necessary Tabs

Sometimes, when you work with a lot of information, you require many bookmarks and tabs at the same time. Useful tabs are best kept on hand. To pin a tab in Chrome, right-click on it and select Pin Tab. It will decrease, move to the left, and make room for new tabs.

How to Disable Sound on Tabs

When multiple tabs are open in the browser, it is difficult to understand where the sound comes from immediately. Identify the source of the noise helps the speaker icon. To turn off the sound on the tab, right-click on it and click “Turn off sound.” This can be done without closing the active tab.

How to Disable Autoplay Videos

If the situation with the sound is repeated, you can turn off autoplay video. Go to chrome: // flags / # autoplay-policy in the Chrome address bar to open a menu with test settings. The desired Autoplay policy item will be highlighted in yellow. In the drop-down list, select Document user activation is required and click Relaunch Now to confirm the changes and restart Chrome.

How to Search Your Content Faster

For a quick search on Google, you can use the address bar, but you can search even faster. Highlight the desired word right in the text, right-click on it, and select “Find the word you want in Google.” You can also search for the whole phrase.

How to Customize Your Zoom Page

If the font is too small, in Chrome, you can increase the scale by combining Ctrl and “+” (or Ctrl + mouse wheel). Also, the scale can be reduced with the help “-.“ On a laptop, the same manipulations are easy to do on the touchpad, but it is difficult to return the screen to its usual size. To do this, press Ctrl + 0 or Command + 0 for Mac.

How to Increase Chrome’s Performance

The most reliable is to use the Task Manager built into the browser. It allows you to estimate the CPU and RAM load for each tab and expansion separately: Menu – Additional Tools – Task Manager. You can also open the Google Chrome Task Manager with the keyboard shortcut Shift + Esc. Select the most resource-intensive tabs and extensions that are not needed at the moment and complete the processes. PC performance will be increased significantly, and the laptop battery will last longer.


  1. Some of the features Google Chrome has are features that Firefox also uses. For instance, Ctrl + Shift + T also works in Firefox which opens the last closed tab, and Ctrl + ‘+’ and Ctrl + ‘-‘ also works for zooming in and out of web pages. For that reason, if you’re used to Chrome’s features and shortcuts, it shouldn’t be hard to transition to a browser like Firefox.

    And Chrome is a huge resource hog. If you’re playing a game and you have a browser running in the background, Chrome is probably the worst browser to use just because it uses up a lot of processes. Firefox is a better sweet spot, when it comes to browsers, and it uses its own Gecko engine rather than Chromium based engines. Plus Firefox has some of its own features and extensions like the Firefox Multi-Account Containers which is good for privacy.

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