Splashfighters is a free fighting MMO that has been a favorite on GameOgre.com for years. You can fight against other players utilizing hand-to-hand combat weapons and even superhuman abilities in SplashFighters. The game has real-time fighting action with over 1 million character attack moves and combinations complete character customization a variety of game modes and maps and the ability to fight solo or co-op.

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Rating: 9
Author: sup290
Comment: This is my newly updated review.

Rating: I rated Splashfighters a 9 because although its fun and interesting it sometimes gets boring. When there are no events no updates or just no one on. because it was hard to play at first but later on it got fun. Sometimes gets boring when loosing too much to winning too much. But when new stuff come out I’m always looking forward to trying them out like accessories and styles. That’s mostly what is keeping my playing also the nice people you meet and some not so nice

The Massive update that just occurred not to long ago in Splashfighters changed many things.

Gameplay: The amount of players in a game has changed to 16 max and added guild battles. (Guild battles only go up to 4 vs 4). The 16 max is really laggy and slow but its fun and exhilarating. The guild battle has cool maps and shows which guild is better by the winner they fuse together your hp so that you can’t die until your either edged or lose all your hp. And also the winning side in the guild battle will win a prize randomly.

Maps: They also added new maps. Santa’s House and Super red nose. One is a house you can go inside and out the super red nose is a slay that is moving and having to fight on top of it. Some maps are also just covered in snow to have a Christmas look

Accessories: There are new accessories that they had just added. Cookie & Biscuit and Snowman suit Costume. Cookie & biscuit is 2 puppets that do amusing yet fun attacks that everyone would love to use. Snowman Suit Costume is fun because you can regain your mp by changing any item into snowballs and then pressing c to pick them up and you gain mp back. They are both decently priced and fun to use.

Styles: There are also new styles phalanx and mercenary. You can buy them single or in a Set. The set is the style and one accessory. For phalanx it’s Phalanx and Gunship. For mercenary it’s Mercenary and Silver Hand. Phalanx is strong but slow sort of like an android but more fighting moves. Mercenary is like a spy but has a more variety of attacks and good combos. A set example is Phalanx male with gunship the price is lower then it would be if you were going to buy them separately.

Quest: They have added some quests so that SplashFighters will
have more depth and aims for playing!
From the BATTLE RESULTS of your character screen
open ?Accomplished Quests? and you should be able to
see how many times left before you can accomplish each quests.

ETC: There are bunch of new special stuff like Christmas Special Draw and santa’s treasure box. They give you Christmas accessories that do ice attacks. I never got any yet but it’s still fun trying to by exchanging gm into B. There are also emblems which you can receive by doing Mech temple Amped slaughter Amped mission(easy) Amped mission(hard). It depends on which mission you do to get different types of emblems. The more challenging ones give you Elite emblems like Amped missions. But others will give you Basic style emblems. There are also customizable bundle purchase. Starter?s Kit (499 B) & Advanced Kit (999 B) 1. This item would be placed in SHOP?s ?SPECIAL -> ETC?.
2. Click the item
3. Window will open with a items list on the left.
4. Choose 3 items from the list
5. Then buy.

Gifting: You can now also gift people accessories items and clothes. But you cannot gift styles anything under special and skins.

Winning %: they now also show your winning percent. They calculate your wins and lost to show you what your percent is. They have overall percent Deathmatch percent and team deathmatch percent.

I think most people should play this game because it’s simple and something to get your mind off things when your stressed.

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