Innovative hybrid game that offers a combination of a turn-based strategy game with a dynamic trading card game.

Post Date: 19:54 09-07-2014
Rating: 3
Author: Aki013
Comment: I don’t like this card game,very bad gameplay… 3/10

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  1. This brilliantly desinged game breaks out of the cliches of the collectible-card-game genre (“Magic”, “Pokemon”, etc.) and provides gameplay that can rival that of the deepest of strategy games.

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  2. Decent Innovative hybrid video game which is mix of a Strategy video game and a card video game,I recommend it everybody

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  3. Now this CCG is a great game! It’s an excellent combination of CCG and board play that makes for an awesome gameplay experience with a very friendly online community. I love the designs on the cards that players obtain too. All original and new, it’s a pretty neat game to play.

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  4. Guessing the game is referring to Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga. It’s an old game from 2003, but it looks very outdated when it comes to graphics. Gameplay is kind of nice, building around a traditional turn-based strategy style. But when comparing this game to more modern online card games, this game is probably below average. I’d rate this game 2.8/5; it just isn’t up-to-date.

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