The second season of this year’s Global Starcraft II League is in full swing and even though there’s a lot of action left to be had it’s already been a crazy ride for fans of the game. In the first of the league’s two group stages (round of 32) several front runners were eliminated, including every foreigners hope – The Zerg Queen a.k.a. Scarlet.

As much as it has been a shocker to see this lovely lady go, what has really blown fans out of the water is, however, that the big favorite Maru, who have won the last three GSL tournaments, were among the defeated. Not only was he eliminated, but against all odds he was actually the first one out.

With the second group stage (round of 16) kicking off on the 22nd of May the league is now wide open and among fans who are following the action packed matches on Twitch the anticipation is sky high. Adding any more fuel to the excitement could be a deadly combination, but for those who love living on the edge and getting the most out of everything in life there’s real money prizes available.

Ever since eSports started to show potential to become the billion dollar industry it is today bookmakers have been offering the possibility to play Starcraft 2. Not every gaming site online have esports available on the game, but the vast majority does. It’s quite common to find all of the matches in the Global Starcraft II League, which is the perfect recipe for fans who would really like to take the action in the Starcraft universe to the next level.

Should you be one of these thrill seekers there are many sites online that can guide you to some of the best esports for Starcraft 2. One of them is – a site ran by fans for fans. Their ambition is to make eSports easy and great by testing, comparing and reviewing the best esports sites for Starcraft 2 and other video games.

Whether you’re playing or not it’s going to be hell of a ride when the second group stage begins on Wednesday. We will certainly be stuck in front of the live streams and as a true fan of the game we expect to see you there as well!