Although Star Wars Galaxies did not meet most of the expectations of both gamers and movie fans Star Wars currently remains one of the best franchises for a MMORPG. The Star Wars universe is so compelling that this MMORPG could easily rise to the top of the genre with an expansion pack that allows gamers to really capture the magic of the movies. So far expansion packs have been a mixed bag.

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Comment: Really wanted this game before it first came out but it really disappointed me when it did. However the expansion coming out for it should make it into more of the game that I was expecting.

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Star Wars Galaxies Expansions

1. Jump To LightSpeed

  • Introduced Space Combat.
  • Considered the best overall expansion thus far.
  • Multi-passenger transport crafts ferry passengers.

2. Rage of the Wookies

  • Many rewards and quests.
  • Controversial combat upgrade.
  • Introduced a new planet and new creatures.
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