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? Based on one of the most beloved entertainment franchises ever.
? Continues to add tons of content.
? Tutorial system has improved.
? More interaction with characters from the movies.
? More fun quests for beginners.
? Although not exactly quick developers have listened to gamers about making the game more like the movies.

? Too many drastic changes have hurt the stability of the game and its community.
? No longer for hardcore MMORPGers.
? Still in transition period.
? Should have been made to be like the movie in the first place.
? Past two expansion packs (Rage of the Wookies and Trials of Obi-Wan) have done more harm than good.

The Bottom Line – Would only recommend for huge Star Wars fans who have never played the game yet.

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Simply put Star Wars Galaxies has dropped the ball more than any other MMORPG in history. This game could have easily been the most popular MMORPG in the world if the SOE’s execution had been considerably better. Instead of capitalizing on the vaunted Star Wars universe SWG has stumbled along with gameplay that does not capture the essence of the movies despite adding elements like aerial combat and well-known races from the franchise.

This shallow relationship between SWG and the Star Wars movies has led to various gamer complaints and suggestions to change the game. The good news is that SOE has listened to these complaints and is changing the game. The bad news is that SOE has listened to these complaints and is changing the game. Yes SOE changing the game is both bad and good news at the same time. On the good side SWG is becoming more action paced like the movies while the downside is that the current game gets pretty much ripped to shreds in the process. Therefore anybody who liked the current game now feels alienated. Those gamers who did like the game until all the recent changes paid $15 month for a certain game that has now drastically changed.

The problem is that SOE should have made it more like the movies in the first place. For example some professions in SWG no longer exist because there are now only 9 due to wanting a more mainstream audience. So much for building the character that you want when your entire profession has been wiped out! Constantly Improving a MMORPG is always important but stability is also a major issue as well since characters invest time in their characters.

On the upside the game has been improved for beginners. You now get to see your favorite movie characters like Han Solo and Darth Vader in the very beginning of the game. The introduction of these characters in the beginning of the game definitely beats seeing them occasionally throughout the game. SWG’s story and initial quests have also been improved to help with the ever-present grinding problem found in most MMOs. All that said most gamers need to avoid this MMORPG until SWG offers more stability. The only people who should be playing this game in its current state are casual gamers who are huge fans of the movies and love FPS combat.

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  1. Star Wars Galaxies is solid fps game it has lower graphic but gameplay is interesting.

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  2. Great game, if you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise. However, I feel like SWG often gets overshadowed by SWTOR since SWTOR was pretty much the successor. But for its time, I think Star Wars Galaxies was pretty interesting since the class system was very intricate and the world itself felt vast with planets everywhere (and did have 10 planets during the game’s launch). Game was discontinued in 2011, so you’d probably be better off playing SWTOR instead. But overall, I’d rate this game a 4.78/5.

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