has had a forum shop for community members for a number of years now. The shop started out with just forum related stuff like sticky posts, names changes, and title changes. Then cards like the Ultimate Game Card  came along and was in high demand until it finally retired in late 2014. However, the cards were followed by something that is still in the shop to the day: Steam games. Steam came up with a concept that fits our forum shop well with the four pack. The Steam Four Pack allows me to buy a game on Steam and then put the other three copies in the shop. When a member has enough forum points, they can buy the game and I send it to them on Steam.

This has worked so well over the years that many games have been bought this way. This works the best with multiplayer games since the ones who get can play together. In one instance, this worked out so well that we bought extra copies because more members wanted to join in the fun. All told, think we bought around 15 copies of Dungeon Defenders and played it for months. Unfortunately, this has not been repeated yet in Dungeon Defenders II, but it is still a possibility someday since it does have a 4 pack available.

Listed below are the games that we have had Four Packs for in the past.

Payday 2

Trine 2


E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

Orion: Dino Horde

Guns of Icarus Online

Dungeon Defenders


Nuclear Dawn



Monday Night Combat

Lead and Gold

Castle Crashers

Worms Reloaded


Ace of Spades

Here are the games that have at least one copy still available in the forum shop:


Frozen Synapse Prime (only some countries)


Risk of Rain


The Ship

Zeno Clash

Note that three of the games above have the three full copies still in the forum shop.

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