The time has come once again to open up the massive Steam store to see what goodies can be had on the cheap during the famous Summer sale. Although Steam does have other sales during the year, but the Summer sale always seems to feels like the biggest and most special. Whether its the number of games on sale (around 13,000 right now) or the collectible cards or even the time of year, the Summer sale is easily the most anticipated sale of the whole year. For example, been waiting on a sale to restock a game in our shop. This game usually goes on sale only during the big ones.

Of course, Steam comes though once again with a wide variety of games at generous discounts and some at very steep discounts. Now is definitely a good time to see if that game that you wanted to buy before but was too pricey is now in your price range. One of my first buys during this sale was exactly like that. Prison Architect is normally $30 or a little lower, but I was able to buy the game for just $7.49. That is 75% off and an excellent deal. The other game I bought so far was 66% off and was also a bargain. Cobalt is 65% off at $6.99 from a normal $20. Also, notable that this is my first Mojang game on Steam and also the least I have paid for a Mojang game yet.

On the flip side, bundles make an appearance but lack any oomph to go that route. As someone who has bought bundles on a regular basis from various sites, the ones being offered by Steam seem to be in stark contrast to the rest of the sale. While some bundles offer up to like 96% off, Steam bundles are in the very shy neighborhood of justĀ 10 to 15% off. The games are good and the theme for the bundles are good as well, but it is a shame that the discounts were not more compelling. For example, the Survival Bundle consists of Slime Rancher, Don’t Starve, Hurtworld, Shelter, and The Flame of the Flood for just 10% off overall. Oh well, can’t call bundles the best of the sale, but can call the following games the best of the big sale. Links included go right to the store page for the respective games.

Top Steam Summer Sale Games

Stardew Valley


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Rocket League

Doom (New)

Left 4 Dead 2

Age of Empires II HD

Borderlands 2

This War of Mine

Payday 2

King Arthur’s Gold

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The Long Dark

Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana BattleĀ 

Tomb Raider

Styx: Master of Shadows

Door Kickers

Hand of Fate

Prison Architect