SteelWar Online has been released for nearly a month. Some players in its first server Palda Bay already reached level 60 or even higher. Here, PopPace team had an interviewed with the top 1 guild leader SkyLion from Palda Bay, who revealed many game tips and two battle videos for all SteelWar Online fans.


SteelWar Online Team: Hi, SkyLion! So glad that you can spare you time to accept our interview. When did you know about SteelWar Online? How did you become the top 1 guild leader in game?


SkyLion: In fact, one of my friends invited me to play SteelWar Online after its Alpha Test started. I was attracted by its various robots and changeable battle formations. Players should deploy suitable robots and activate the corresponding formation so that they have a chance to win the final victory. In my opinion, my reasonable usage of Honor is one of the most important reasons why I can become one of the top 10 players in game. It is very important to use Honor to upgrade skills and formation and even train pilots.


SteelWar Online Team: Can you share more details about how to distribute and use your Honor?


SkyLion: My guild members and I always challenge the final BOSSes on each map together to earn abundant Honor and fabulous equipment. Generally speaking, players are inclined to use pilots with attacking skills. That’s why I always use Honor to upgrade my skills first, especial my Spell Attack and Spell Defense, each time when I immigrate to a higher level galactic zone.


Of course, you can’t neglect the power of your elemental defense. SteelWar Online doesn’t offer any equipment to enhance players’ elemental defense. However, some game experts would deploy 1 or 2 elemental pilots. Your elemental defense decides whether you win or not in PvP.


On the other hand, SteelWar Online offers 8 distinct battle formations. You should select the best one according to your opponent’s. For example, you can use your pilots’ elemental skills to control the opponent’s most powerful pilot and then defeat his assistant pilots first, such as Magic Bugle or Magic Guitar. Leave the tank pilot at last and win the victory easily.

SteelWar Online Team: Any good suggestion on selecting pilots?


SkyLion: That totally depends on players. If you are inclined to use Skill Formation, you can select one tank, two assistants and 2 damage dealers. Your tank stands at the forefront. Deploy your single or AOE damage dealers behind your two assistants. Some players prefer to use elemental pilots who can stun a target with thunder skills and then deal very high damage with fire or ice skills. The more you participate in battles, the more you will learn.


SteelWar Online Team: Thanks very much for your share. By the way, any tips about how to enhance battle ability?


SkyLion: Well, I also learn many tips while playing SteelWar Online. And here, it is my pleasure to share them with all robot fans.


  1. You can enhance your equipment with attack attributes such as Thrusters or Engines first. As to equipment with defense attributes, Energy Cover must be your first concern. Remember to enhance these kinds of equipment to their highest level.
  2. As to pilots who use skills to attack enemies, remember to enhance their Spell Power to the highest level (up to level 20 for now). But to pilots who attack enemies with elemental skills, please enhance their Spirit to the highest level.
  3. Pilots after rebirth possess higher basic attributes. What’s more, their attributes will be largely enhanced each time they upgrade.
  4. Players have a chance to obtain higher level Thrusters and Energy Covers from Research.
  5. Completing daily quests is another method to gain advanced Engineers. You may obtain blue engineers by completing level 4 difficulty degree quests, green engineers from level 6 ones, and yellow engineers from level 8 ones. Attention! When a system prompt “Really want to refresh the quests?” appears, it means a higher level difficulty degree quest has been refreshed. Please click “Cancel” and accept the quest first. Complete it and then claim your rewards. Then continue to refresh your daily quests for advanced engineers.


Video One:

Video Two:


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