Being a student who feasts on knowledge all the time is stressful and exhausting. Sometimes students entertain themselves playing online games. The most intelligent students know how to not only spend money on college homework help online but also how to earn some money playing online games.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

The most developed are multiplayer online role-playing games where players interact with each other in terms of the game (exchange of game resources or items) and in terms of communication (chatting). In these games, a player has his character which should be leveled by performing tasks, buying clothes, weapons, and other game items. It’s not just entertainment, but also it helps you earn money playing games online. The balance of the game world assumes that the process will be long so that the players do not lose interest in the game. There are different ways to make it faster and easier:

—  leveling the character and selling it for real money to other players;

— monotonous game resources production and selling them for real money;

— selling of game currency received for performing tasks or for accumulated items and resources;

— if the game involves the creation of new items from existing ones, you can sell the created unique items.


The next popular category of online cash winning games is esports. They assume that a player will win virtual money with the ability to convert to the electronic payment system, and then receive money in their bank account. A significant disadvantage is that it is impossible to check the honesty of all online games and that winning is extremely difficult in a hyper-competitive environment.

Try Yourself as a Game Developer

Technical requirements for games on mobile devices are not very high. Here it’s essential to have an interesting idea—the simulator of dice, card games with non-standard rules, geo-games. The number of users of mobile devices is large that allows you to sell the game at the lowest possible price in the hope that more users will download it. As for the sales process, you can rely on AppStore and Android Market that are going to promote the game on commission. There are a lot of ready-made tools for such games development that don’t get into programming, but most are focused on design. Maybe, it’s your calling, and you haven’t known about it yet. Put everything on hold, order an essay online and start making money with online games. The most profitable and the most challenging industry in game development is PC games and consoles. To make such a game yourself, you need to have a strong knowledge of mathematics, physics, the ability to draw or model, and good programming skills.

Games for Sport Fans

No less popular is online football and online basketball. They are suitable for students who have no time for sports in the real world because of their homework and are afraid to entrust writing an essay to outsiders even after reading the reviews in the section “Who can do my paper?” These students have the opportunity to play face-to-face with another player for a chance to see which goes to the winner, or as a member of the team, promoting your team up the tournament chart and get different bonuses.