No, I’m not kidding with that title. In a recent article written for SiliconANGLE a new report released by Harris Interactive revealed that women who play online games get more sex and often happen to be in more fulfilling and satisfying relationships. While correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, it’s still a bright spot for the online gaming community to show that there’s certainly a lot going for us.

Much of the study, involving over 2,000 participants, also showed that women made up over 55% of the online game audience and that they preferred the games as a stress reliever more so than a way to connect with other people.

Other statistics showed that more women who play online games come from the southern United States than any other area.

The audience of online video games is diverse and crosses a multitude of boundaries—although none that don’t involve an Internet connection, of course. The study, while fairly small in volume, didn’t reveal much about what games are being played precisely. It would be interesting to know if many of the respondents played games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends; or even if they made their way mostly to browser-based games such as those published by Zynga for Facebook.

Whatever the gaming they’re getting into, we’ve got quite a legacy to build by being online gamers.