We are glad to present you the Super Dash, new 2 players game where your diamond collecting skills will be tested. Jump from platform to platform, as you collect diamonds and avoid the falling bombs. Anytime when a golden star appears on screen, immediately try to collecting so you could obtain a super bonus that will either surround you in anti-bomb barrier, grant you magnetic abilities to attract all gems on screen, triggering a diamond rain or even exploding all bombs on screen. Have fun!


  1. Super Dash is a nice game, but not exactly my favorite. What stands out most about this game are the graphics, but the game itself was not too impressive. I liked the idea of collecting little gems and avoiding the bombs, but the controls were my biggest issue. For instance, in one player mode, the player can only use WASD keys, but I prefer using arrow keys. I even feel like the jump did not have a smooth transition, and the music did not fit well with the game as I usually would expect 8-bit music with a game like Super Dash. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.25/5.

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