Today, we’ll be looking at the Vita Public School, the first of four factions in the anime-style online card game, Sword Girls ( The Vita Public School is just like any other in the world of Sword Girls. It’s a place for students to learn, socialize, cast spells, and get into sword fights. Oh, and a bunch of students also happen to be part-time monster hunters. It’s a good way to practice magic, a skill that more employers are demanding from new graduates, but it’s not a bad way to earn some cash on the side.

Unknown Girl Sita Vilosa


Sita Vilosa is the main character of Sword Girls, a regular girl with a special talent thrust into a dangerous situation. She’s a new student at Vita, but she’s made a name for herself after saving a town from a monster attack. While she might want to sit back and relax in the peace she’s won, life isn’t that simple. Soon, tragedy will strike, and she’ll have to see just how far she’s willing to go to save a friend.

As the signature Character of the Vita starter deck, Sita is a flexible Character that’s good in just about any situation. At the start of every turn, she inflicts a point of Stamina damage on up to three enemy Followers. Combined with the damage her Followers put out, this adds up quickly, ignoring Defense and finishing off wounded Followers.


Cooking Studies Katie


In spite of her questionable cooking skills, Katie is one of the Vita starter deck’s best Followers. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Katie’s cooking embodies this perfectly. Every time she attacks, her Stamina goes down, but her Defense rises. The longer you can keep her fighting, the tougher she gets. If you can keep her healed, she’ll eventually become so tough that no attack can hurt her.


Heartless Blow



For enemies that just won’t drop, whether they have too much Stamina or their Defense is too high, Heartless Blow is a solid solution. It’s a Spell card, so it acts before Followers, and it instantly deals 4 damage to an enemy Follower, which is some serious damage. On top of that, if Sita is leading your deck, then this will do another 2 damage to another enemy Follower. Combined with Sita’s own damage every turn, you can chop through enemy Followers rapidly.






Our last card of the day is Balance. This card is a Double Rare. It’s one of the hardest cards to get in episode one, but it’s also a powerful game changer. If you’re about to lose, Balance will save you. It’s a Spell that wipes the slate clean, so to speak. Both Characters’ LIFE totals are made to equal each other, and Followers get removed from the Field until both players have the same number of cards out. To balance what it just did, Balance also wipes out your hand, though having Sita or another Vita Character restricts the damage to Followers.


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