Tales Runner is an Exciting Free 2 Play Online Social Fantasy Adventure Game. Immerse yourself in a Rich 3D Anime-Styled graphics and dictate how your Tales Runner Story will unfold. Personalize your own Unique Characters and Farm Homes. Challenge new friends and old to Magical Races. Travel the fantasy world and socialize in the Cute Fairy Tale Settings. Fall in Love and Marry to create a Happy Family in this miraculous world. If you can imagine it then it can happen in this exciting Free to Play Online Social Fantasy MMO.

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Game Features:

  • Everyone in Tales Land owns a piece of land called the Tales Farm. Even you! Open it up and you can grow crops and animals to sell display or ride on. Decorate it with tons of special farm items for you and your friends to enjoy! This is a great place to create that perfect home or island getaway!

  • Jump Dash Ski Climb and Run through courses and characters based off of classic stories including Aladdin Jack and the Beanstalk Alice in Wonderland Sphinx and many more.

  • Up to 30 people may race together on interesting tracks that allow you to explore Tales Land! Choose from Single Team or Relay Races Items and different level of intensity.

  • Avoid all the hazards on the race course as your fellow players try to Stomp Bamp and Throw items at you to hinder your race. In addition there are maps that test even your ability to Solve Problems Think Quickly and React at the same time!

  • Discover your running abilities! Compete against other players in Tournaments and Events! Large scale events and tournaments are always happening in Tales Runner!

  • Do you like to PvP? Participate in the Battles in the Battle Channel for Battle Points and Prizes! Be aware that should you lose your Battle Points go to the winner.

  • Transform your original characters to well-known fairy tale characters such as Jacky Mad Writter Mesa and much more!

  • Customize your characters with hundreds of items clothing accessories and pets.

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Rating: 10
Author: naruto84318845
Comment: Tales runner is savageu get to talk with online people and make friends.Racing with others .Making farms to look at and play and enjoy.We can get married as well .Talk system is good .The best place is playing in PA events u get to see gm and win good prizes.The new batlle system is good but they should make more battle games.I love that we can raise pets and earn more tr.I dont like tr because its hard to get u should make it easyer plus shouldnt have gp because some people cant get gp.I like the way u can cutomiz ur charcter and buy more character .The Alcemist is execellent but its hard to get . Cant wait until new characters come out on english.

Rating: 9
Author: blurychu
Comment: Tales Runner is an racing MMO that tryed to make unique universe for players of any age and that the races are with peoples not with cars or anything else.Having many different maps from training to fantasy Tales Runner leaves in front of all players an entire world to be discovered.Unique facts are the park and farm options that leaves the players an alternative to running.Cartoonish graphic gives an fun feeling when playing.Altough Tales Runner is having many events and many ways to get free things which everyone likes.Also another thing that gives Tales Runner an good feeling of MMO is that there exists an Alchemy sistem where you can get armors and shoes that gives stats. Overall Tales Runner is a relaxing familly game that can be played in weekends.

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