Since we only have five keys this time, when we usually have hundreds to thousands, this will be a contest rather than a straight giveaway. We are looking for the best descriptions of a tank that you would build. The more creativity and the more detail the better. The tanks do not have to be exact but showing imagination is a good thing. The five best submissions will then receive a beta key.


Be sure to name your tank as well. For example, I would love to make an Ogre tank equiped with a swing spikd metal ball. That or a club attached to the back of the tank haha. In other words, have fun with it.

The five winners will have their codes sent to them via the email they leave in the comments below with their contest submissions.

That said, this contest is now underway!

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  1. Many people don’t know but I have frog colection at home, rubber, plastic, metal, wooden, pretty much every possible way except the real frog so I’m gonna make FROG TANK

    Instead of normally driving it would bunny hop or in this case FROG hop around, the tank wouldn’t be able to shoot but it would have some sort of sticky rope that could go as far as few houndred meters and it would drag the other tank close to it. after that it would eat it like some mix between garrbage trucks and that machines that turn car into cubicles, it would look like back of garbage truck (in my country it looks like weird robot mouth) and it would smash the tank into a cube which would be spit out after it is done.

    It may sound stupid but at least it’s creative 😛 and it would look badass as fck, at least in my mind

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  2. I would like a tank that you can add any accessory to that I want and can be very agile. I will call it a Mario Tank with a big mustache on the front.

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  3. I will try with HOPE DESTROYER

    It would have reflective panels for full stealth mode, targeting mode, where u can select target to destroy with orbital stealth Ion Canon that can vaporize anything or anyone. And since you cant be seen, its would so easy to destroy what even you want.
    In case that you are hit by accident it would have full titanium armor with nanobots that can repair any damage to tank.
    Also it would have plasma canon in front, and lasers on back for fast enemy missiles destruction.
    Satellite that can scan for mines and ability to move on water, which is risky because enemies can see you trail
    Last but not east reflective shield which can deflect bullets and it can be repaired with nanobots.

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