Terraria Review
By Zach (Krew)


Terraria is a game that has taken bits and pieces of ideas from other games and combined them all into one big game. It takes the idea of mining for resources, fighting an undead apocalypse, slaying the mightiest of bosses, exploring floating islands and more. The game offers it all to you in a world that is as big or small as you want it.


Pros/Cons of Mining:

  • • While mining there is always the constant threat of enemy monsters attacking you in your caves. This keeps you on your feet so you don’t just feel like you are stuck in a rut.
  • • A large variety of mineable items. This allows you to create a large amount of different items, and allows the creators/devs to add even more items to craft.


  • • Since all of the maps people create are randomly generated you never know how much of a certain resource is available. So it can be increasingly frustrating to find the resource you need.
  • • The main feature that will help you in Terraria is mining. Mining allows you to gather resources that will help you create better items for your house, better equipment for your character to wield, and you can even find items while mining that will aid your character during any game.

While you are mining you will keep your eyes out for a variety of ores/precious stones that are in the game. A few that are in the game are bronze, iron, steel, and gold. There are many other items you can mine up, but that is for you to find.


Pros/Cons of the Monsters:

  • • There are always people/things for you to fight.
  • • The monsters will always keep you on your toes.
  • • Since the monsters only appear under certain conditions you know what you are facing.


  • • Some of the monsters, slimes, get annoying fast when it seems like you kill one and two more come.

Monster in the land of Terraria come in a wide selection. There are Zombies, there are skeletons, there are the, oh so annoying, slimes, and many more to choose from. The time of day will affect which monsters you see and also if you are above or underground. For example, Zombies only come out at night, and the giant worms are only found underground. So be prepared and know which monsters you are about to face!


Pros/Cons of the Bosses:

  • • The Bosses are a MUCH tougher opponent then the regular spawned monsters.
  • • Their drops can be really handy.


  • • There are only three bosses right now, but, I am sure as time goes on and more updates are released we will see more and more bosses.
  • • If you are a lower level player and accidently set off, for example, Skeletron, you are F’d to say the least.

There are three bosses you will face in Terraria that will test you strategy and level of gear whenever you face them. The three bosses are Skeletron, Eater of Worlds, and the Eye of Cthulhu. Each of the bosses’ unique fighting style will have you chugging down potions!

Map Size

Pros/Cons of the Map Sizes:

  • • The most obvious pro is that you can pick a map size that fits your game style. If you want to be able to dig down the hell fast, or run to the ocean fast, then a small map is for you. If you want there to be a plethora of resources, then a large map is the right choice for you.


  • • There are only three map sizes. Hopefully in the near future there will be a feature that will allow a person to set the “dimensions” of his world.

In Terraria there are three map sizes players are able to pick from; Small, Medium, or Large. The way the map sizes are determined is how far, from the middle, it is to the end of the map if one player goes east and one goes west. The map size also effects how deep the world is.


Pros/Cons of the Inventory

  • • It is fun to be able to craft your items instead of just “grinding” to find it. Granted you need to will need to grind to find the drops from monsters.
  • • Having 4 Slots just for money is very handy, this way money doesn’t clutter your item inventory.


  • • 40 slots are plenty, but you tend to fill it quickly. So the con is that it can be very frustrating when you run low on slots and can be very difficult to find anything to get rid of.

In this game you have an inventory of 40 slots, plus four slots for money only, which will hold anything you want. Some items will stack up to a certain limit, like wooden walls that can only be stacked to 250. Almost all the items in the game are made by crafting them from the drops of other monster and the resources you mine up. You can also craft “Chests” that will allow you to store items in them, but be aware that chests are a public storage and anyone you are playing with can take from them.

Terraria is a game that some might say, “Mimics Minecraft”. This is a false statement. This game may share some gameplay features, but you have to remember Minecraft is not the only game that lets you dig, fight monsters, or make stuff. There are plenty of games like that. When playing Terraria you must look at it with new eyes and not expect a Minecraft copycat. This game has a ton of pros to look at and not many cons. If you are a gamer who like the concept of looking for what you need, while having the fear, or thought, of dying, then this game is a must have. Everyone needs to try the game, before they nock it off as a copycat.


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