The Colossal Cave is the second adventure of the Ogre Adventures RPG.

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Ax Wielding Giant



Your level and more will change as you take part in adventures such as this one.

1. You have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster.
2. You start with this adventure.

Phase One

You enter the cave after your encounter with the Orc. As soon as your eyes adjust to the dark, you barely make out a shimmering pool with faint movement inside it. To get past the pool and whatever lurks in it, roll a 65 or better.

Phase Two

You make it through the pool of water with a few minor scrapes. You emerge on the other side to get a better glimpse of the cave. You notice torches that light up what appears to be a truly massive cave. As you start to explore further, three winged demons attack you. With your attack bonus, roll a 70 or better to make it to the next phase.

Phase Three

You bat all three of the winged demons down as you further explore the cave. You eventually come across spiked rocks that block your path further. With your stamina bonus, roll a 75 or better to make it past the nasty spikes.

Phase Four

You get past the grueling spikes and are immediately pounced on by a deadly tiger that was waiting on a nearby cliff! You are caught completely by surprise by a unique looking monster because the tiger (if you can call it that) has green glowing eyes and a purple coat with green stripes. Roll an 80 or better with your damage bonus to get past this considerable threat.

Phase Five

After a life and death struggle with the mighty monster, you survive and earn a damage bonus of three! you now venture further in the cave to see all the wonders it possesses. You travel for what seems like a day inside when you finally see daylight far ahead of you. The distance is many times what you just traveled so you will have to find food and water to endure until the end. Roll a 75 or better with no bonuses to make it all the way to the end of the cave.

Phase Six

Congratulations, you make it to the end of the cave. As a bonus, you get 3 extra damage and stamina. However, the light from the outside of the cave suddenly goes dark as a giant with a bloody ax enters the cave. You are in his cave and he is not happy about it! Can you defeat this boss and move onto to the next adventure outside of the cave? Roll an 80 or better with no bonuses to defeat the angry giant. Roll a 95 or better to also win the giant ax!

Any player that completes this adventure will reach level 3.


  1. Second adventure with more difficult rolls when getting to certain phases (like phase 4). First adventure to introduce weaponry too and you can get weapon from the boss, but i didn’t get lucky myself unfortunately.

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