My first game I ever made. It's kind of bad, but it was a learning experience and better things are hoped for in the future. Any thing that could be helpful to me is greatly appreciated.If you can beat it please tell me because I only beat it once!One more note I realize the shaking of the screen when your not moving and know what's causing it but I'm not sure if I will fix it. I think this may be the final few versions and that's it. I will be working on new things so that may not be fixed. any other issues please address them in the comments.


  1. The Cube is decent, but far from perfect. Graphically speaking, a lot can be improved such as the text which is not smooth, but also the design of the button; in addition, an actual home screen would be a great way to present the game with buttons leading to the game and instructions. Also, having buttons on the corner of the game for settings and a way to go to the home screen would be great. Gameplay-wise, everything looks zoomed in and the game is impossible as the player cannot go past the red rectangle. Also having to press ‘r’ to reset with no indication to upon death is somewhat inconvenient as the player is usually not fully aware of the instructions when playing, so it would be great to have some indication, or a button when the player dies. While the game is not perfect, it is not the worst I have played. Overall, I would rate this game at its current state a 2, but I can see this game improve.

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