Taking away the new year in style, we asked the GameOgre community to look back at which browser-based games they found the most popular to them over the year of 2011—took the list, gave it a good looking over, and then picked out those MMO games that rose to the top in adulation and accolade and then we put them up on their own page.


2 Transformice

3 Fortune Online

4 Golden Age

5 Crystal Saga

6 Kingdom of Loathing

7 RuneScape

8 DD Tank

9 Sword Girls

10 Monkey Quest

It’s not unexpected that Notch’s Minecraft would make the top tier because it’s an amazing game and with every evolution of it’s development it has continued to wow its fans. Being that GameOgre is full of video game connoisseurs who do not fall short of the gaming community, it’s easy to see how this title would rise to the top.

We’ve seen it before, but GameOgre loves Tranformice—probably because as a cooperative (and often failing to cooperate) strategy game it brings a whole new level of hilarity and fun to a genre of games that are greatly undervalued in the MMO fan community.

Fortune Online, Golden Age, and Crystal Saga line up for the next three slots as action and strategy MMOs that capture attention and keep it.

Of course, no list should ever escape without a mention of Kingdom of Loathing! A game that makes its charm out of its total lack of good graphics and gameplay and then it teases its way into the gamer’s heart through having a lot of passion and very bad puns.

The inescapable RuneScape appears just above newcomers of DD Tank and a browser-based game that’s based on a collectable card game Sword Girls.

There it finishes up with a Nickelodeon game called Monkey Quest that I totally did not see coming.

Enjoy the list for yourself here at GameOgre and join the forums if you’d like to be part of deciding the rankings during the next round! We would love to hear from you!



  1. even though not so many people on this site play transformice its still a popular game 🙂 i find this list very accurate 🙂

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  2. I should get you to introduce me to Sword Girls, @Supernatural. I am somewhat unfamiliar with the game except for the research that I did when contacting them for information so that I could make a fair assessment for the top 10 list.

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  3. The game is going into open beta atm, it should be live again very soon, I will keep you posted.

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  4. I am not surprised that I see on the number one Minecraft … but I am surpriset that i see RuneScape on seven. For me it deserve to be in the top 3 of this list …

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  5. Not suprised that Minecraft won ,but i can’t believe that Golden Age and Crystal Saga had more votes than RuneScape.

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