After a lot of thought wrangling and soul searching, the ogre population have put their heads together (with no few concussions) and come up with the Ogre Game Fest event. The event started August 18th and will end October 18th, so there’s still plenty of time for you to join in.

How do you join in? You might ask. Well, it’s as simple as signing up for our forums and then post a screenshot in the Ogre Game Fest Event thread (following the rules, of course.) Since this event is all about playing MMO games, the screenshots are to show that you’re playing and getting things done.

The games list is considerable, so here we go: League of Legends, Vindictus, Rusty Hearts, Kingdom Of Loathing, Transformice, Picaroon, Team Fortress 2, Hellgate, All Points Bulletin, Dragon Nest, Puzzle Pirates, Aika, Lord of the Rings Online, DDO, World of Tanks, CrimeCraft, Minecraft, Talisman Online, Terraria, Age of Empires Online, Splashfighters, Eve Online, Maple Story, World of the Living Dead, RuneScape, Microvolts, Forsaken World, ARGO Online,BattleDawn, and Bang Howdy.

While the basic rules involve screenshots, you can also make points by starting a Game Ogre guild in any of the above games (screenshot helpful, of course) and that means playing along with other ogres. This is an MMO game site, after all, and as we all love the play the game we also love to play with each other.

You can make extra points by reviewing one of the games in the Ogre Game Fest—hopefully with screenshots—and even more points by doing a video review as well. So keep that in mind when you’re heating your hard drive up and overclocking your video card!

Most winners will receive Forum Points—our social currency—but the first and second place winners are looking at gift cards for their participation. Even if you don’t win anything, this will give you a huge chance to be part of a community effort and play alongside fellow gamers. What is an MMO without the multiplayer, after all?

Come visit Ogre Game Fest 2011 today!


  1. Great writing Kytsune 🙂
    Yes everyone, the Ogre Game Fest is fun, I am currently competing for second place, but everything is still open and everyone can still win!

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  2. Yup, i must say, the best even we had so far 🙂
    I hope more people will join and enjoy “The wonders of GameOgre forum” 🙂

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