Gaming has become a more widely enjoyed activity with the internet bringing great games right into your own home. This has helped more people learn how to play games and increase the demand. A second gaming trend has been development of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. Give the popularity of both trends, it is no surprised that they have merged with a plethora of MMO games now available online.


These are popular MMO games that brings some unique aspects to the game. For those players who like the ability to customize, then RPGs will be appealing. Players are able to customize their character for the game but the fun doesn’t stop here. Players can also create and tailor their own casino to their desires as well as a condo. One such game is Maple Story. Keep in mind the graphics in this game are 2D but offer a lot of choice for players. RPGs also have their own community following. You can opt to chat globally or more closely to home with a local chat. Chat doesn’t occur only in chat rooms, but is enabled as you play one of the many online games.


Four Kings

Another MMO worth mentioning is Four Kings. This particular games features full 3D graphics which further enhance the realistic experience. Customization is also another hallmark of this game. Customization in this game occurs in the clothing worn by characters. As you move through the game, collecting money, you can purchase certain clothing options for your character. The mini-games in this MMO are varied and include many favorites.

These MMOs do differ from online games in that they only utilize in game currency. However, as well as socializing and able to find like-minded players, their value is the ability to brush up on your gaming skills to prepare for your new online casino session using real greenbacks.


  1. I would suggest AQ3D for a 3D mmo if you like grindy type games like dark souls. The graphics are maybe not as up to par with current games but the maps are designed really well.

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  2. I absolutely love MMO games esp. MMORPGs. I’m currently playing Adventure Quest Worlds and AQ3D.

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