Red Dead Redemption is without a doubt the most popular western style action-game to grace the world of gaming. Even though it has been almost a decade since its initial release in 2010, Red Dead Redemption still has traction thanks to its loyal fan base that load it up to enjoy some desert heat the good old fashion way. The game was released to the two major consoles of the time, the XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Being a classic of its time, the game is filled with exhilarating missions that narrate a story line which many acclaim to be a unique experience of its own. However, if you wish to achieve 100% completion of the game, the player will be required to face a series of mini-games spanning across its playtime. This feature is a compilation of various tips that will give you an edge in the various mini-games that a player can partake in game. By adhering to the guidelines and various tips provided, you will reach the infamous platinum trophy in no time at all.


We decided to start off our list with one of the easiest mini-games out there, cards. There aren’t any real tricks to win you the game! We even checked with the experts from Exycasinos in order to learn some nifty tricks with the cards and unfortunately it won’t help here. Being vigilant could be the deciding factor when it comes to winning. However, here is an important tip that might come in handy when you play cards in RDR. Make sure to save the game before you start. This will allow you to soft reset the mini-game in case things go south.


This mini-game screams western throughout! If you want to come through with a win on this one, make sure to familiarize yourself with the controls. Make sure you do not fiddle with the arm too much when playing.

If the controls are not clear, here is a brief guide on it. Focus on aiming at the middle of the target using your left trigger. Once you get your aim on point, use the right analog stick to bring forth the horseshoe. When the horseshoe meets the center, stop it using the right trigger.

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is the easiest mini-game of the bunch. Winning at it is quite easy! Wait till the opponent is tired and mash your button to pin them down. You can unleash a special move once the strength meter caps out by pressing the triangle or Y button.

Liars Dice

Liars Dice is another mini-game that requires the player to be the last man standing. Therefore, enter the game when there is only one player in this game. It is always easier to win versus one when compared to a full game! If there are more players in the game, then enter into the game and allow the AI players to knock each other out! You can do so by laying low and playing honest during turns.

Five Finger Fillet

Ah! The classical depiction of western violence! Five finger fillet requires you to be the fastest hand in the west with a knife without losing a finger in the process. This mini-game is all about noticing the various patterns involved. By memorizing the patterns involved, the player can easily beat the game.