The year 2020 brought us some thrilling video game action. Game fans enjoyed top quality fun from industry leaders as well as new game studios. Now 2021 promises to bring us even more thrills and spills, innovation and top-quality gaming. Here are three of our favorite new and upcoming games to try right now. They are all available at online game sites in the UK, and detailed reviews, including profiles can be found at

Voodoo Magic 

Voodoo Magic is a fantastic looking game with plenty of action! However, it does come with a very high difficulty rating. That means a pretty that players are often left with playing again not long after starting. However, the challenge level for this game can be pretty outstanding. There are three levels of modes to play – Voodoo, Super Voodoo and Mega Voodoo. Voodoo Magic is already available at most UK game sites.

Thor’s Vengeance 

Anyone who has got a kick from playing classic video games like Thor’s Lightning, will love Thor’s Vengeance. This is a slick looking beast of a game, featuring the most fearsome of all the Norse Gods, who wields a hammer, strikes with lighting and generally causes all kinds of unearthly events to help you score some wins. The features that boost the potential of the game include great graphics, theme, and game play. We recommend this game to anyone who loves great gameplay – when the gods are smiling on you, it can unleash thrilling sequences and really good game loot.

Hades Gigablox 

Our third recommended new game for 2021 is from Swedish game developer, Yggdrasil. It is another very difficult game which means big game loot potential! This one is inspired by tales from Ancient Greek mythology and features characters like Cerberus, the multi-headed dog who guards the gates to the Underworld, as well as Hades himself, the God of the dead. Certain events in the game also trigger big victories, like Hades jumping into the game world to create many exciting in-game events to enjoy. So, if you are looking for a new video game to try this year, we strongly suggest trying one of these three great games. Remember to always game responsibly and within your budget. Good luck!


  1. Seems pretty good; not as much selection of games since this article was published early before big announcements like E3. But after watching trailers from E3, I think the game I’m most excited about is Metroid Dread, since the Metroid series has been kind of under the radar for about 20 years.

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