When you’re a gamer, you know how important the right gear is. Along with your computer or consoles, you have to make sure you have the right peripherals like controllers, keyboards, and whatever else you need to play your games. One part of your setup that you might not have considered is your chair. You may view it as a luxury that’s on your “someday” list, but there are plenty of reasons to invest in a good gaming chair now. After all, it’s not just about what looks good while you’re playing your favorite games. Gaming chairs can make a significant difference in your overall gaming experience.

Comfort while gaming

Comfort is obviously one of the best aspects that a gaming chair can provide. The chairs are designed for extensive sitting as pros can spend up to 14 hours in them, which means they provide the correct support to your body in all the right places. With a gaming chair, you won’t need to keep readjusting or getting up to stretch as much. Instead, you can work your way through any campaign comfortably. You may not be in a cozy living room recliner, but a gaming chair is the next best thing. The added ergonomic comfort that you get from gaming chairs means you won’t have to worry as much about sitting at the wrong angle and ending up with back pain.

Ease of gaming

While not only comfortable and supportive, gaming chairs are designed, believe it or not, for gaming. Whether you need to reach your keyboard and mouse while reclining or have elbow support with a controller in your hands, gaming chairs make it easier. With many different styles to choose from, a gaming chair can be found that suits your needs. Not everyone is looking for the racing style chair and thankfully, that’s not the only option available. You can find a gaming chair to create the ideal space for the unique way you like to game.

Fewer breaks

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to take fewer breaks when you use a gaming chair based on their ergonomic design principles. Most other chairs aren’t designed for supporting an upright posture, which means you’ll need to readjust and often take breaks from gaming to stretch. When your team is relying on you to make that final goal, or flank your last opponent, a gaming chair brings you the assurance you won’t need to step away as often. You can focus on your tasks and keep pushing through. When you’re working to seize a victory or beat a personal record, fewer breaks can make a huge difference.

Healthier body

The ergonomic principles of the modern gaming chair means you’ll feel the support, which helps to keep your body healthier. Other chairs might not be meant for extended periods of sitting, so you’ll end up sitting with incorrect posture, and that often leads to pain and discomfort. When you use a gaming chair, you’ll be less likely to have these aches and pains that can come from other chairs. Ultimately, it means you’ll be healthier with just a quick change. Obviously though, stretches and breaks are still very important in keeping yourself healthy. 

Customizing your gaming space

At the end of the day, you want gaming equipment that reflects who you are. There are many different styles of gaming chairs that will not only meet your gaming needs, but will fit your aesthetic too! From colors and features, to accessories and shaping, your gaming chair can be an integral part of what makes your gaming space uniquely yours. Whether you have a room all your own or a corner of a common area, you can use your gaming chair to show who you really are while you play, and be comfortable while you do it.

A gaming chair isn’t just about finding a cool chair for quick play. Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to be supportive for long periods of time with fewer breaks. Not only will you have a better sitting experience, but you’ll be able to customize your gaming space to show off your personality, too. Don’t think of a gaming chair as a luxury. Instead, think of it as doing yourself a favor in finally eliminating that long lasting lumbar and neck pain.


  1. Totally agree with this, I used to have low back pain after 3-4 hours of sitting during gaming / working. But earlier this year I invested in secret lab chair the support to your back is just different. There is definitely improvement to my low back issue.

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  2. I’ll say, a gaming chair is so much better than an office chair or a mesh chair. They’re more durable and they’re comfortable, unlike the other chairs I mentioned, but they are a bit expensive. But I guess if you’re going to being playing games for long hours, you’d be best to have a gaming chair anyway; I think it’s a reasonable trade-off.

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