In this tech-driven world, mobile gaming is more popular than ever. This is because of the increasing number of smartphones among people that enable them to access the games easily.

As a matter of fact, according to Hubspot, the number of mobile gamers worldwide is over 2.2 billion. And 56% of players embrace mobile gaming over 10 times a week.

Well, if you can’t afford a gaming console at the moment, your mobile phone is a perfect gaming device you can embrace.

So, let’s get started, here are the benefits of mobile gaming:


Mobile games are convenient because you can play them from anywhere at any time. This has boosted their popularity among many people because you no longer have to be fixed to one location. Also, you can enjoy playing while on the go. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are on the bus, train or plane, you can play your favorite mobile game. You may need WiFi for some games whereas for many an internet connection is not needed. The good news is that most mobile games require only a simple download and you can install them quickly on your handheld device.

Southeast Asia is among the top world regions where mobile gaming is booming more than ever. And according to Statista, the number of mobile gamers in the region is said to grow up to 160.7 million by 2026. Most mobile gamers in SE Asia are found in the top 6 states, one of which is Thailand. Many people enjoy online mobile games from strategy to even table games. To assist players there are many resources that help find the best online gambling sites in Thailand. The games on these sites can be played on any mobile device. In addition, gamers can quickly compare the greatest bonuses and promotions, rely on honest evaluations, and seek assistance if needed. The site covers everything a player needs to know, including the best payment methods and how these operators are graded, as well as frequently asked questions.


There are many mobile games offered for free download. And all you need is space on your mobile device and an internet connection. You just have to visit the Play/App store, choose your favorite mobile game, and download it to your handheld device.

It shouldn’t take much memory on your phone as most Android games are on average 58 MB and iOS games 105 MB.

Furthermore, mobile games are much cheaper than PC games which makes them affordable to many people. Game consoles/pc are sold for hundreds of dollars whereas, with mobile gaming, you already have a smartphone for your everyday needs.

                        Have More Fun

Mobile games boost your mood from wherever you are. In addition, you can identify the best after understanding the top things that make a video game worth playing. As long as you have your smartphone handy, you can play several games no matter your location.

In fact, mobile games are part of many people’s daily activities. They provide fun to millions worldwide of different age groups. Many people have also embraced gaming as their main leisure activity because of the massive benefits to mental health.

Wondering how? Mobile gaming helps in dealing with stress and depression as it keeps your mind entertained for several hours. This enables it to shift from thinking about what was bothering you and put all that concentration on the game.


You don’t have to worry about playing the same mobile game from time to time because there’s a wide variety of them in the industry. There are thousands if not millions of mobile games of different types and themes.

Mobile games have developed the gaming industry as many top game companies have embraced them. Well, it’s easier and cheaper to develop a mobile game than a pc game. This is why there’s a variety of games from strategy to racing games and there’s something for everyone. So, game developers create many mobile games to meet the needs of various players and the market has become highly competitive.

The quality of mobile games has improved from that of the mobile-born games like Subway Surfers, Monster Busters, and Candy Crush. You can now enjoy some console-based video games such as Crazy Taxi, Grand Theft Auto, and Sonic the Hedgehog among others on your smartphone.