It is a new year and there are already hundreds of new and improved games coming up in 2020. Since there is a plethora of games present and upcoming, playing every one of them is easier said than done. There are just too many to play! Let’s look at the best new games of 2020 that will strut onto the field throughout the year and catch the attention of gamers like us.

1. Doom Eternal

The 2016 released Doom was one great game. It reintroduced momentum and speed back into the series. Using hell as a specimen to release a videogame out of a metal album cover, Doom was a winner then and will be a winner again with its new series, Doom Eternal. The prequel depicts Doomguy as an inexpressible demigod who is adept at turning the demons through and through. With Doom Eternal, you’ll see the developers further improving the speed and fun factor. There’ll be more guns, improved gore system, a grappling hook, and an additional dash move. Further, the agenda of the game is to tear heaven apart. Developed by id Software, the expected release date for the game is March 20, 2020.

2. Warhammer Underworlds Online


Of course, the Warhammer games are on the cheap side and are rarely among the best, but this one is different. The Warhammer Underworlds Tabletop Game is the most superior thing that Games Workshop has released in years. It pits the small war bands against one another in a good blend involving the board game scenario, CCG, and wargame. The game is incredibly fun, super-strategic, and extremely fast. Developed by the Steel Sky Productions, this one is indeed a winner. You can get your hands on the game starting on January 28, 2020.

3. Cyberpunk 2077 

cyberpunk2077Though CD Projekt Red has always developed games with thrilling and customizable gaming arenas, many gamers will be content with just wandering around in the cool gameworld, steal some flashy cars, crash into a Cybertruck, and hit up some shops for loot. Hopefully, this one will be more sandbox driven than not. Though the official release isn’t far off, there are a few big questions around the game. For example, what is the status of multiplayer? Yes, it is a mystery, but let’s all wait until April 16, 2020 for all the secrets to fully unveil!  

4. Half-Life: Alyx 


Finally, Valve has announced the release of another Half-Life game. However, it isn’t the eternally anticipated Half-Life 3. Instead, it is a new Half-Life game that is VR only. Nevertheless, gamers are still excited to see how the developers intend to push the boundaries of the game with VR. This game will explode into the Half-Life universe as a  Half-Life 2 prequel. You can expect the release of this full-length game by March 2020.

5. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount-Blade-II-BannerlordDespite playing it more times than you can count, many gamers are still uncertain about Mount & Blade 2 being a real thing. However, let’s just say that TaleWorlds Entertainment is indeed working towards a release soon. Though the single-player build is as rough as its prequel, it still entertains! Hopefully, by March 2020, gamers will all be able to get their hands on this one finally!