For thousands of years, humans have been in awe of the universe. From planets and the constellations to aliens and massive black holes, space continues to fill our imaginations. Which is why video game developers and designers see space as an ideal world for video games to take place in. Actually, space is also great for brand new online casinos. Of course, Space is unexplored and infinite, so designers and story creators essentially have a blank canvas on what they can do which has formulated in numerous excellent space or science fiction games. Thus, we have put together a list of what we regard as the best games set in outer space.

1. No Man’s Sky

The king of space survival video games, No Man’s Sky gives players the opportunity to explore an uncharted universe at their own pace. The player takes the role of the traveler and begin on a random planet near a crashed spaceship. The Traveler is equipped with various tools needed to survive which can be used to collect resources, trade with other players and fight potential enemies. The game is completely open with its defining feature being that nearly all parts of the galaxy including planets and alien encounters are completely randomly generated with there being over 18 quintillion planets to explore within No Man’s Sky.

2. Kerbal Space Program

If building and launching your own rockets and space aircraft is your thing, then you are going to love Kerbal Space Program! This game takes a little bit of time, as you must play through a little bit of trial and error when building your space vehicles in order to avoid catastrophic failure. Goals include reaching certain altitudes, escaping the atmosphere as well as landing on a planetary body and creating space stations and bases. You will play as an alien species known as Kerbals who will also pilot your rocket ships.

3. Jedi Fallen Order

Widely considered as one of the best Star Wars games released by EA Games, Jedi Fallen order takes players on a journey through the Star Wars universe. You will visit a variety of planets including the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk and the Sith planet Dathomir. Jedi Fallen Order plays similar to God of War and is the action-adventure game that Star Wars fans have been craving for for some time. The game is set five years after the excellent Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and follows the story of Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis who is being hunted by the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader included. If the idea of traveling through the galaxy and meeting a variety of foes which can be vanquished using a lightsabre appeals to you, then you will enjoy Jedi Fallen Order!

4. Dead Space

Resident Evil in space! Dead Space is a survival horror game which was released way back in 2008 and is a game full of spine-tingling moments as you play as an engineer on a mining spaceship overrun by Necromorphs – outer space monsters intent on killing you. The game revolves around a chapter-based narrative in which the player must solve puzzles to advance all whilst shooting the hacking the Necromorphs to death. Dead Space was highly praised for its atmosphere as well as its sound design and gameplay. Some video game journalists even went as far as to say that Dead Space is one of the greatest space video games of all time. A remake of Dead Space is currently in the works and is set for release sometime in 2022!


Space themed online games will not be going anywhere any time soon. In fact, there is already a plethora of space orientated games available to be played, the four we have listed above are simply the best of the best.