There is an endless amount of fun activities you can do online when you’re bored. Here are some fun ideas to keep you entertained online.

Play classic arcade games

Revisit a time when smartphones didn’t exist and have fun playing retro arcade games like Snake and Pacman. These memorable games are classics for a reason and the simplicity of these games offers a nice break for the complex, high-tech online games on offer today. Playing retro arcade games can also give a great sense of nostalgia by allowing you to relive some real gaming memories. The best thing is that you can find and play many classic arcade games online for free! What better way to rewind online, without spending money?

Give online gaming a go

There is a huge number of different gaming platforms available online. Of course, you should always game responsibly and never spend more money than you can afford, but online gaming is a fun activity for many people. There are plenty of exciting gaming opportunities available online. This includes sports and games. You can even game on sites like One of the main benefits of online gaming is that it’s far more flexible and convenient than traditional gaming. You can play anytime from the comfort of your own home, and you have instant access to all of the best offers and promotions. Whenever you do online gaming, it is important to be careful about which websites you use. Make sure you go on sites that have to adhere to certain rules. This will help protect you when gaming online.

Create your own memes

Everyone loves a funny meme! You can easily create your own amusing memes online using simple meme generators like Make a Meme or Kapwing. These apps allow you to design and create hilarious or thought-provoking memes of your very own. What’s more, these apps can be used to create more than just memes – you can easily design many creative works like posters, canvases, and advertisements. You can even create memes and artwork using pictures of your friends and family to give them a fun, personal touch.

Start your own YouTube channel

Setting up your own YouTube channel is easy. All you need is a free YouTube account and a camera phone. You can then record yourself and share your thoughts on various topics with the world. Some of the most popular YouTube channel ideas include – tutorials, reviews, and lifestyle blogs. If you gain enough followers, then you could even become a well-known YouTube celebrity and start earning an income from your posts. In order to become a successful Youtuber, you will need to remain active on Youtube and connect with your subscribers by posting regular, quality content.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to beat boredom online. Try out some of these fun and exciting ideas today!


  1. Starting a YouTube channel is kind of a make or break situation. When you start uploading gaming videos, for instance, don’t expect to gain a lot of traction in viewership; it’s a long journey unless you have strong connections, like with developers, with other popular YouTubers, etc. And you also have to consider video editing which could be fun or boring depending on what you enjoy; it might be boring rewatching stuff you’ve already played through when editing a video.

    Creating memes is pretty easy. Not a fan of imgflip or some of the meme generators from websites, because they tend to use their own watermarks. I tend to use any of the Adobe products for editing images, but you can also opt for free and open-source software to edit images like GIMP or Krita. Even MS Paint can be somewhat useful, but generally for low quality memes.

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