Thursday, October 1, 2020

Heva Clonia First Impressions

Published by OGPlanet, Heva Clonia Online is an Asian-import MMORPG with a cartoony motif but a lot of heart. Below is a first impressions filled with its odd keyboard-centric control set,...

Hero of the Obelisk First Impressions

Cartoon-fantasy RPGs and dungeoneering collide in the upcoming title Hero of the Obelisk published by GBE Games--it’s an extremely cute, dungeon-instanced, MMORPG with elements borrowed from the hack-and-slash gaming genre. Add...


Games That Have Won The Hearts Of Millions Of Players

Gaming is not just a multimillion-dollar industry but the entertainment of choice for billions of people around the world. Yes, that’s billions with a...

Top 10 Best Gifts for Gamers

Madden Football: From 2D to 3D