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Trash is a RTS that can be played offline as a single player game or online as a multiplayer game. There are only two sides to play, either as humans or as mutants. The game get its rather unique name from its primary resource, trash. Trash not only is used to construct your army, but also offers some interesting twists as well such as being able to reuse trash from destroyed enemy units. Pipes are also crucial to the game they make it possible for you to transfer resources between buildings and serve as a huge target for both you and your enemies. Other nice aspects of the game include the use of high ground as a major advantage, requiring line-of-sight to see into walled bases, and not being able to simply mass produce everything to win. 

Trash's solid gameplay is bolstered by very colorful graphics. As can be seen in the screenshots, the graphics are very cartoon-like. Yes, you can find better graphics from RTS giants like EA and Blizzard, but the graphics are very impressive for a lesser-known game. Overall, Trash is one of the better RTS games that you won't find in stores. 


  • Up to 24 players can play at once.
  • Destroyed units can be a valuable resource. 
  • Demo version allows you to play the human for free.
  • Major focus on teams working together.
  • Share resources with your teammates. 
  • Lobbies in place for matchmaking and tracking your stats.

Select User Reviews (Edited for Presentation)

Rating: 10
Author: Toet
Comment: A very good game! Its unique upgrade system, the two sides (human and mutant), the amazing teamplay and the nice community make this game one of the best I've played yet. 

Rating: 7
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Fun little RTS with a cool theme. Not a game I would play as much as something like C&C, but its good when you want something different.

Rating: 10
Author: Trent
Comment: Amazing RTS game! Unique gameplay and the storyline is great! Also, a great community. Teamwork is definitely the key to the game. The creator Mark Currie sure made a good one!

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Pricing Model

Trash offers a demo version, but requires a one-time fee of $19.95 for the full version. The demo version allows you to play unlimited times as the humans, but you can only play on one of the maps. The download size is only 20 MB. 

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