Trion Worlds has released profile for the Death Cult — one of the six Dragon Cults that exist within the MMORPG world of Rift.

Also known as the “Endless Court,” the Death Cult is described as the “most powerful and nihilistic of these cabals,” the Death Cult “began as a conspiracy between two powerful figures during the time of the Blood Storm: the dark mage Alekor Devishnille and the warlord Mahr Rilthain.” Despite the exile of the Destroyer Regalos, the Endless Court has “never ceased to haunt Telara” and even though “their covens have been rooted out” every so often… their order always re-emerges in time.”

Since the breakout of the ward, however, the minions of the Endless Court “have been stepping up their activities throughout Telara. Those cells that had hidden away for centuries no longer fear detection, as the great armies of Telara have all but crumbled. Worse, they are finding many new converts, as the threat of extinction left many mortals hopeless and drawn to a reward after death – a place in Regulos’s Endless Court.” Currently led by Alsbeth, the once revered Ascended who was unfortunately drawn into the despised cult, the membership of this diabolical group increases in size through an incinerating process of initiation that forces new initiates to allow the cult to “capture their dearest companion. During the rite of initiation, necromantic artifacts corrupt the supplicant’s soul and open their heart to oblivion by closing it [to] everything else. As the ritual approaches climax, the initiate renounces their love for the victim and finally murders the poor soul on an altar to Regulos” in return for the promise of eternal existance.