No one knows for sure when the Tug of War game was created, but everyone truly enjoys playing that rope pulling game. Nowadays there are lots of 2 player Tug of War themed games, but only the Trucks of War consist intensive pulls and feature high-speed adrenaline rush! Compete against one of your friends, or test your strength against the cpu player, on a simple and quite challenging game of pulling the rope.


  1. Game rly test your reflexes, truck rope fighting, you can pick one of two items, gas which will allow you to pull your opponent toward line or oil, which will bring you closer to line, who ever cross line first, lose game

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  2. Trucks of War is a fun reflex game. It is quite tricky on one player mode, because the computer (opponent) does have nicer reflex. I do think this game would be a lot more fun on the two player mode though. I do like the idea of pressing A for gasoline and avoiding oil for a game about trucks. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.35/5.

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